Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump Aug 22, 2017

Silca rolled out their most innovative product yet today, the Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump. The pump relies on a bluetooth app called iGauge to read your bike’s air pressure. This allows the Tattico to be a true mini-pump and offers accurate air pressure readings. It’s a very innovative product and one that I’d like to see in person for sure. Check out more at Silca.

  • Don Gouda

    psi pansies are cooler than weight weenies

  • Don Gouda

    I can only imagine the amount of shit I would get from the guys if I whipped this out during a group ride lol

    • ha!

    • catnipjunkie

      “Guys wait a minute, i have to link up my pump first…”
      *Group stares in disbelieve*

  • blob blobbet

    But then I have to pause my Strava, not cool Bro.

  • tb

    This is a great idea, as long as the pressure sensor is accurate. MTB tire pressure is critical, especially with the plus and fat crowd. Thanks!

  • Ultra_Orange

    That’s cool, but would rather have an inline gauge rather than pair my pump to my phone. Then again a few decades later and I’ve inflate to feel more than gauge.

  • sturtlovinggood

    All fun and games until a hacker breaks into your pump and fudges all the data and makes you look like a tube rube for running the wrong presh