Rapha Rides Los Angeles Aug 18, 2017

Not since Rem Koolhaas have I heard a better explanation for what Los Angeles is. Nice one, Geoff!

  • Ornotbike

    This video is so well done and Geoff’s perspective, as always, is unique. I love watching this.

  • Thanks dude. Coming from someone who talks about this city I appreciate it… it is hard to talk about this city!

  • Geoff isn’t saying anything new here (“LA doesn’t suck for cycling”), but for some reason, I still feel like I’m hearing it for the very first time in this edit. So good.

  • Have you ever thought about leading an architectural bike tour of LA?

    • Actually, Rapha’s doing an architectural ride/tour with Herman Miller (including a stop at the Eames House) at the LA Clubhouse grand opening on the 28th of September. Maybe peep the Clubhouse page for the rundown if you’ll be around.

  • Josh Caffrey

    Nicely done! Geoff is the man, always need more GM content. ; )

  • David

    Super good. So freaking completely accurately describes LA.