Overlanding in Vermont with Cannondale Aug 24, 2017

Off-roading in a truck and on a bike in Vermont? Sounds like a great time!

  • Raymond Walker


  • Dave Pelletier

    i made it through about 1.5 minutes and had to shut it off. Literally.

  • Bike Wales

    you knows its real like coz he has craft beer n that

    • Ya ain’t gettin that far in a Land Rover anyway…. 😂🤓

      • MJR77

        A Land Rover will get you there…but a Toyota will bring you back.

  • look, I’ve ridden a lot in Vermont. I have family in Richmond / Enosburg / etc. The “dirt” or “gravel” roads are fun but that’s all you need to say.

  • Andre

    That was awful.

  • jamin orrall

    “now you can really go out and enjoy nature” yuck.

  • Sebastian Burnell

    I would find it a miserable day if I go to bed without having really, really laughed once. DONE.

  • Camille Clrk

    Adventure without bottle cage and water… yeah !

    • Emory Hancock

      Would you if you posessed a personal sag waggon?

  • ToddsterRides

    That was so bad! These guys are trying too hard to be clever. I’m signed up to ride the VTOGP on Sunday. Just let us race the great dirt roads without such a silly video. I couldn’t finish watching it.

    • auton0my

      Agreed, a bit over the top. Less talking, more of Moderat and slow-mo cinematography!

  • auton0my

    Oh, lookie, a Land Rover actually taken off road. And no, driving on unpaved roads to get to your summer house doesn’t count (my Honda can do that just fine).

    As already said, silly video – trying too hard. Yes, the Heady Topper is nice, but be a little more subtle.

    • Just to be clear, there are some rowdy as fuck off-road trails in Vermont. I’ve been humbled a few times out there…

  • jamesacklin

    I think this video is burying the lede—the new refined Slate lineup looks great; happy they’re concentrating on 1x hydros and only offering two models. Simple is good.

  • tb

    This guy has Literally never ridden a DH bike before.

  • Nate-o

    Gosh that was terrible. Someone fire the marketing department.

  • Will

    Gotta please the sponsors! But seriously, “descends like a downhill bike”? It’s a cool bike, but it’s still a road bike, don’t get carried away.
    Also, I hope they don’t actually think all the gravel in Vermont comes from one little pit. Amusing otherwise.
    I also liked the free and not subtle product placement of Heady Topper, which I help make. So thumbs up to that!

  • Charles Southgate


  • Tim Guarente

    If you buy beer in Vermont, buy more than just Heady. There are dozens of beers at least that good from our state.

    But yeah, the Slate is a great bike for these parts.

  • Cumby

    Cool little vid! Pretty sure its not meant to be taken too seriously. literally.