Jimmy’s All-City Big Bad Big Block Street Track

Track bikes in the city can turn any ride into a completely new experience and perhaps that’s what Jimmy was looking for when he built up his new All-City Big Block. That and an excuse to put all his balleur parts he’d been hoarding on a new bike. Why wouldn’t he? These frames are beautiful with their sparkle paint job and street-friendly geometry. The velo hip will note the special edition Phil Wood splatter track hubs, the Sim Works Caroline stem, White Industries pedals, Sugino outboard bottom-bracket cranks with a RWB AARN chainring and a super rare grey suede Selle Flite saddle. To be completely honest, when I saw this bike all built up at Golden Saddle Cyclery, where Jimmy is the manager, I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. The best part is, Jimmy actually rides this beaut too! Well, sometimes, anyway.

Keep crankin’, Jimmy!

  • AJ Tendick

    What’s the story with the knurled steer tube spacers? They look neat, but is there a functional reason they aren’t smooth

    • No reason, just aesthetics.

      • Jack Newcomb

        I’ve been looking for a set of those forever. I think they were on the thunderdome you posted a few years ago. Any idea where he got them?

        • James Shepherd

          Velo Orange used do them a while back, I haven’t seen any in ages.

          • DominicBruysPorter

            Guess it’s supposed to echo the old Singer and Herse topcaps. I kinda dig it.

    • Aerodynamics.

  • Damn Jimmy! Lookin’ good! <3

  • Nicholas Petersen


  • GNARdina

    This gallery is super prolly.

    • Angelo Medina


      • I got a few more coming, too. Just don’t see as many track bikes out on the streets anymore.

  • the velo hip indeed will notice

  • Angelo Medina


  • tyler

    Whats the fork? Its bas ass!

    • Jibbles Tiger

      Its made by Wound-Up

  • ccycling

    Not my type of build, but still looking very nice. Really a fan of the Big Block and that bars/stem combo is an absolute highlight!

  • Evan Robinson

    Jimmy Rosas for President

  • AdamBike99

    I’m gonna go clean up now…

  • Robert

    this settles it, I need a new track bike in my stable

  • Noah Behnke

    Maybe these track bikes will become a trend…

  • Willowisp

    Lush looking machine.
    Loving the look of the low risers on it as well.

  • Public_Parent

    So good. What model bars?

  • p. meyer

    Damn is that tool roll velvet? Such class 💎💎💎

  • Jose Arce

    love the dirt, scuffs, and scratches on the frame <3

  • That crankset needs to be polished. 🤙🏽

  • breed007

    I wasn’t living in a city when track bikes were a thing so never pulled the trigger on one, but damn they’re pretty.

  • るね でゅふれーぬ

    nice choice of parts.. what is the width of the Continental tires?
    any1 know?