Jay Petervary’s Dirty Dirty Tour Divide Salsa Cutthroat

I first met Jay Petervary back when Salsa took me on the Cutthroat launch on the Tour Divide. Admittedly, Jay was friendly, but you could tell there was apprehension. He was about to embark on the TDR on a new bike and had plenty of other things to think about, rather than making small talk with a photographer / blogger. I hadn’t seen Jay in years, until this year’s Saddle Drive when he greeted me with a smile and a firm handshake. Jay’s like that. He’s the nicest guy you’ll meet, but like all athletes, before a race, he’s reserved and focused. Catch him post-race or at a Salsa event and he’ll wax poetic tales of racing, or just shoot the shit in an intoxicatingly positive manner. The dude has a smile as big as his accolades.

After hearing that he brought this year’s TDR Cutthroat to Saddle Drive, I really wanted to photograph it. There’s something telling about a bike, all dusty and sated, that you just can’t get from documenting a show bike, or something that’s brand new. This bike has character and best of all displays Jay’s personal choice when it comes to products. Industry Nine wheels, a power meter and a mix of Salsa and Bike Bag Dude bags. There’s nothing overtly corporate or branded about this rig. It’s punk rock from a dude who has nothing to prove at this point in his career.

Jay, you keep on ramblin’ round the world, doing your thing and I’ll catch up to you again in the near future. High fives, buddy!

  • Loving the custom flip up arm rests so he can get his hand on the tops..cool as fook..

    • redhead322

      I don’t think they’re custom. The HED Cliplite aero bars feature flip up arm rests.

      • Brian De Groodt

        They are perched atop our Fred Bar to give a more adjustable and comfortable position without compromising an attack bar position when the trails turn more technical.

        • Have wanted to get my hands on a fred bar since they first appeared but not being able to get them in the UK means it would probably end up costing around $200 when you’ve taken the crap £ to $ exchange rate, import tax and shipping into consideration!

          • Brian De Groodt

            I feel your pain. It’s a very popular product for us, but the margins are thin. We’ve established distributors in certain regions but not sure this helps you in this case. Best I can suggest is to shoot me an email and if we produce a cosmetic blem, I’d be happy to let you in on a deal. We typically do this on our Facebook page, but I’m not afraid of the email interweb thing.

          • Thanks Brian that’s very kind of you, email is good for me as I don’t use Facebook. Should I just contact through the Siren website?

          • Brian

            No problem David. [email protected] works for email. We’re working our way through another 50 or so bars right now, so maybe someone will slip up and you’ll be in luck!

      • Good to know that I can get my hands on some😊

  • Karl S.

    I was under the impression that 1x rear derailleurs can’t work with 2x drivetrains. This works without any weird tricks?

  • Ryanisinallofus

    Just a gravel rear tire? Looks like 45c almost.

    • Nicholas Tingey

      It’s a 42c. You can see in the close up of the crankset.

  • Excuse my supreme ignorance here, but what is the reason for a fatter tyre up front than out rear?

    • It’ll absorb more vibrations up front, while keeping the rear fast.

      • Christopher Seistrup

        According to a post I read either towards the end of, or just after he finished the Divide, he ran the skinny rear for mud clearance.

    • sgtrobo

      it also helps with traction up front, so you don’t wash out

  • Angelo Medina

    hummmmmm, yeah….. coooool….. pretty, pretty preeeeeeety good …. ……. …… …..

  • Ultra_Orange

    I wonder how much having the power meter helps off road. Would have thought saving a little weight would be better in the long haul. Really make me want one.

  • Area45

    Honorable mention to that Carousel Design Works bag! Those bags were so damn good. Amazing craftsmanship.

  • Mallory Mills

    Is this bike easier to throw in the back of a truck than his last bike? Ya’know, being race ready. Shave off those minutes however you can, right Jay? http://lacemine29.blogspot.com/2015/10/an-open-letter-to-jay-petervary.html

  • Scott Sattler

    That K Lite tho….