Golden Saddle Rides: Nathan’s San Gabriel Sunset Fade Ritchey Timberwolf

There’s nothing like a California sunset, especially over the San Gabriel Mountains here in Los Angeles. Those faded evenings usually come after an all-time MTB ride and for Nathan, he was craving some trail time. Sure, he’d ridden a lot of the singletrack in our great city on a bike before: his Rock Lobster all-road, but he wanted to finally rip them up – and himself – on a proper MTB. He went to the team at GSC and began talking to them about a Ritchey Timberwolf build. One unlike any the shop had put together before. GSC contacted Ritchey and requested one of their special Heritage paint jobs, then Mike, a mechanic at GSC talked to Nathan about a build kit. A Fox 36 fork would take the hits, while a Shimano drivetrain would offer smooth, worry-free shifting and braking. Wheels, featuring White Industries and durable rubber from Onza paved the way for one slick build. Being Nathan’s first mountain bike, it’s had a number of crashes already, but with each ride, he gets more and more accustomed to speed and cornering on loose and sandy trails.

The Timberwolf is a very popular hardtail option, I reviewed one and loved it. I know a number of you have these bikes, so share them in the comments.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

  • Kyle Marmesh

    Whew, that thing is gorgeous. Definitely want to get some skinwall tires on mine next go around. Rad build!

  • stateofnonreturn

    Lovely lovely color. Also, when is that Radavist mtb shirt happening?!

    • I want to, just unsure of the demand.

      • geoff.tewierik

        Run a poll ;)

        I’d be in for sure.

        • Tim Guarente

          Make that two!

      • Adam Brownfield

        I plus +1 that demand.

      • breed007

        Oh, I’m buying that.

  • trololo

    Awesome bike. The lack of a second bottle mount is a curious decision by Ritchey tho…

  • lyle driver

    That appears to be a 160mm 36.. which is why it looks so choppered out.
    The fork might outgun the non-gusseted TT and DT if this bike were ridden to the capabilities of the fork.
    The bike would probably perform better with a correct length 34, and I feel GSC would have been smart to ‘steer’ Nathan in that direction for his first MTB.

  • this ride makes me smile.

  • Erik_A

    It looks like you can tune the fork down to 110 travel. I wonder if that would lower the fork height in order to get the BB height down. Also Fox’s retro web graphics match the build scheme:

    • The Timberwolf is optimized for 140mm travel. This is currently built at 150mm. It’s not that of a change in BB. Also, you gotta think the BB height will be much lower with sag.

      • DominicBruysPorter

        for an unloaded hardtail on 650b it’s got a pretty high bb

        • Yeah, which is all preferential. My Retrotec has a higher than normal BB and I tend to like it better than other hardtails I’ve ridden with super low BBs.

          • DominicBruysPorter

            Ya I remember the BMW guys built the Parkbike with a crazy high position, almost transposing a bmx onto big wheels. It works great for certain styles of riding and terrain.
            Wonder what the actual measurement would be.
            Compare this to the yellow Stinner just a couple bikes ago, it is remarkable.

  • AaronBenjamin

    This thing is so sick!

  • hans

    hell yeah Nate!

  • Samuel Jackson

    Wow that dropper juuuuust fits huh?

  • Matt Karwoski

    Oh my goodness GRACIOUS that is a fine specimen.

  • Nathan Carballo

    Thanks for these amazing pictures John!

  • Richard

    That “Designed by Tom Ritchey” decal – I wish they used that image as a head badge. That ‘stache is badass. He rides the roads around here (SF Peninsula) with the ends of his ‘stache flowing in the wind behind him… (Or maybe Ritchey needs to design a sweet swept-back set of bars and call them the “Tom’s ‘Stache Bars.” Like RivBike’s Nitto Albastache, only cooler.)

  • Christopher San Agustin

    Such a fun bike. I love my Timby.

  • aizkolari

    Who makes the pedals?

  • Christopher Turner