Ethan’s Tahoe Rim Trail Salsa Timberjack – Jarrod Bunk

Eathan’s Tahoe Rim Trail Salsa Timberjack
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

“Fresh of an 8 week collarbone recovery, I felt the call of the woods and passing up the spectacular views and world class trail that the TRT has to offer just wasn’t an option. 4 day and 170miles with some of the best riding and hardest Hike-a-bikes, I circumnavigated my way around Lake Tahoe to Northstar for the Kick off of another rad Saddledrive! Covering some 24,000 feet of elevation gain left quit a toll on not only my body but also my gear. TJ was the perfect choice, confident on the descents and still perfectly at home loaded down. And though I may have push it up more trail then I would have liked I can’t think of a better way to spend 3 nights under the stars!” – Ehtan Frey

We’ve all been there, the feeling of spending time off of your bike, when its all you want to be doing, sometimes it can be the daily grind, or some thing outside of your control, like breaking your collarbone.  Ethan defintiely made the most of the time before Saddle Drive this year, he took his custom Timberjack, outfitted with everything he would need to naviage the TRT.  After I talked to Ethan about his trip he said if he had the choice he would do it over with a dual sus bike.  The combination of a dead silent Onyx Hub, Whisky Carbon Rims, and a SRAM Eagle build peg this as anything but stock, to me its really cool to see how a stock bike could be transformed over time as your riding styles change.  From the trail to the tour this Timberjack is ready for anything, and Ethan proves that bicycles are the best medicine!


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  • Max

    No pictures of the ride? :(

  • spencer harding


    • It had 29×3″ tires for the ride but for display purposes since its not rated for it they were charged out.

  • Brad Beadles

    curious about the collar on the dropper, did that help keep the bag in place higher up on the post? what diameter and would it fit a reverb dropper? where can i get one?

    • Wolf Tooth makes one.

    • Ethan Frey

      It is an old reverb stop collar that used to ship with all the aftermarket posts, it did help hold the bag in place and kept it from getting pinched when dropping the post

    • I’ve got a bunch of those reverb enduro collars, email hopecyclery AT gmail and I can get you one.

  • Froste

    Can you please share your GPS track?

    • Ethan Frey
      The section through eldorado national forest and the rubicon trail involved a lot of hike-a-bike, I would suggest skipping that section or trying to find an alternate route further west.

  • Keith Lee

    Steel + threaded bb and this thing would check all the boxes for me…or make more of the titanium!

    • Ethan Frey

      More Ti are on the way, should be landing some time this fall!

    • Will

      That’s what the El Mariachi was… bring it back!

      • I’m travelling the US with my El Mar Ti. It’s flippin’ awesome! Riding XC-type trails of course, but also some green and blue downhill on Silver Mountain Idaho, and even 50+ mile road rides with one simple upgrade: oury grips on the *inside* of the brakes which gives me slightly more “aero arms”. Truly a versatile bike! Love it. Hope to pop in to Salsa in Minneapolis just to personally say “good job” when I go through in a couple weeks :) (Bike pic:

    • Ed Mueller

      not sure if they just posted this in the last 10 days but…
      your request has been answered!

  • Harry

    Details on the front roll and mount?

  • Matt Karwoski

    Sick upgrades. I have a mostly stock Timberjack and that thing shreds right out of the box.

  • Justin Scoltock

    Nice rig. Oury grips ftw!