Crystal’s Gunnar Not-So-Roadie – Jarrod Bunk

Crystal’s Gunnar Not-So-Roadie
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I still remember seeing this frame when I was in District Bicycles this March at the Land Run. You remember that story, right? The muddy as all hell race where I couldn’t feel my hands or feet? Well, anyway, I was at District and I asked, when is that thing going to get built?  I was told it had been there a while, like three years a while.  

Crystal, Bobby’s wife and co-owner / operator of District made the jump to get this built just a few days before Saddle Drive this year, test ride around the block and boxed up for a trip from Oakland California, to Saddle Drive near Truckee.  The 300-ish mile trip took Crystal on some pretty beautiful roads on her way to NorCal over three days. 

During my visit to District Bicycles I felt like Crystal was the glue of the operation and it was great to see her break in this beautiful Gunnar on such an epic journey. Next year, the whole Radavist team needs to make an appearance at the Land Run… Til then, thanks to District for the constant stoke!


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  • aaron avery

    Are those traditional sized Gunnar Sport top and down tubes? (31.8 and 34.9mm’s) If so, would be curious to know the ride quality of that bike in a small size. Know they are built for racks, fenders etc..
    But, man that would be one stiff rig.
    Color and build is tops!

    • They don’t look oversized at all, so I’m not sure. The stays and fork legs are slim and very well balanced. I gotta admit, this is one of the most perfectly balanced bikes I’ve seen from Gunnar!

      • jtbadge

        +1. Proportions are great – especially that fork taper!

        Build kit is choice. Paint is killer.

      • DaymanDaryl

        They’re at least single OS (eg _not_ 25.4 TT/28.6DT).

    • John Barousse

      I have a 66cm Gunnar Sport and it looks like the same tubing dimensions as my bike. The bike rides like buttah!

  • Nicholas Petersen

    This is excellent.

  • Daniel Smith

    Solid build. Really digging the color and that fork. Also, I totally second the Radavist crew coming to the Land Run next year!

  • jr

    where’s that water bottle bag setup from? i’ve been wanting one just like that!

    • Bil Thorne

      They look like Revelate Design mountain feedbags. They could be another brand that does the same thing though.

      Edit- saw the Revelate Design logo.

      • jr

        good eye, thanks dude!

  • kasual

    Great whip. Shout out those gravel kings, they are smooth sailing on almost any surface.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    Did you take photos along the ride, Crystal?

  • caliente

    USA! USA! USA!

  • Paul Seip

    So I’m really digging this bike! Is that a Shimano mountainbike rear derailler or just long cage ultegra? Also think the brakes are Paul’s Racer brakes? Thanks for the additional information, cheers!

    • jtbadge

      Ultegra RD-6800-GS. ‘mid cage.’

  • Charlie D

    Great looking bike. I have a couple Gunnar’s that I can’t help but call my two Schwinns. Chicago boy in the bike industry, what can I say. Enjoy the hell out of that thing!

  • Sern

    I love my Roadie, a lot. The ability to all road/tour with the Sport would be nice. Looking at a more all road frame currently. Tried the Scott Addict Gravel but it’s not the frame I was looking for. Probably sell the Scott and get the Sport or Hyper-x(x).