A Teravail Kustom Jade Karate Monkey 27.5+ Hardtail

Our Saddle Drive photos continue with a custom-built Surly Karate Monkey, pulled together by the team at Teravail tires, specifically to model their Coronado 27.5+ tires. Painted Jade Green, I can’t help but think of it as a trail dragon, with the Teravail logo and tire tread being the scales. This thing scorches the trails and I love seeing in house brands at QBP work with the other family brands on something special like this.

  • bikecow

    That’s one fine Monkey!

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Would ride.

  • mrbiggs

    I ordered a yellow Monkey last year, got a black one this year (they ran out of yellow). I’ve been thinking about getting it repainted, and this cinches it. Damn.

    • Frank

      Do you think Surly would sell more bikes if they upped their colour game?

      • mrbiggs

        I think they sell as many bikes as they want to. But they’d have fewer gripey customers if they communicated better about those colors to their customers and dealers. As you can maybe tell, there’s a long story behind this. It ended well, as I got a nice apology and a swell merino jersey for my troubles. And while I’m very happy with this bike, I wish I it was yellow. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d57065cf6656e938ee51439840b7f1dd277e3378cbba10b6d15ab33665f84c0f.jpg

        • Chris Valente

          I am thinking about building one of these and painting with https://spray.bike/ How does it ride? I have never owned a Surly and always worry they would feel like a tank.

          • mrbiggs

            “Tank” is relative. This replaced a Niner Ros9, which is even burlier, and my other MTB is a rigid Chumba Stella, which is also 4130 steel. I own two Cross Checks. I love the thing. Goes up well, goes down well, won’t ever break.

          • Chris Valente

            Ha, relative for sure. Your rig looks pretty rowdy!

          • stimo

            I’m on my 3rd surly. Some of the best well thought bikes I’ve ever owned. Never tankish. Solid feeling.

        • Brian Richard Walbergh

          Opposite boat here, I have a yellow complete and would much rather have it in black!

          • mrbiggs

            Ha. Large?

          • Brian Richard Walbergh

            Actually, yes…. Can you DM on this?

          • mrbiggs

            Found you on the Facebook. Sent PM.

          • Dave Standfield

            Rattlecan and its done.

        • Josh Weinberg

          What fork are you running there? 140mm?

          • mrbiggs

            That’s a 120mm Fox 34.

  • Andy_Vibes

    “You must find the Jade Monkey before the next full moon.”

  • White Mike

    I’m all like very cool, very cool, very cool and then I see those bullshit Surly fork outs and I’m like SMH, SMH, SMDH. #OneLessSurly

  • Tobie DePauw

    I love that thing. Srsly.

  • Kai

    Will you do a review on these tires at some point?
    Really interested in Teravail’s tire line up, their tread designs seems to make a lot of sense.

  • nhltfour

    What Pike fork is that?