A Photo is Worth 140 Characters Aug 3, 2017

This week at Saddle Drive at Northstar has been interesting, filled with everything from too much partying, to great conversations with friends, both new and old, as well as plenty of mountain time. The downhillers here have been overwhelmed with “kooks who can’t ride,” yet this photo says it all!

  • Ray Juncal

    “Out of my way, I’ve got suspension”

  • breed007

    The look on Kyle’s face…

    • Gus

      I don’t think I’ve seen a photo of him on a bike not smiling.

      • It’s impossible for me to not be smiling on a bike!

  • That PacMan smile

  • Evan Robinson

    Carhartt double knees and Race Pajamas? chaos pouches and fanny packs? 6 inch travel bikes and 5 inch tire bikes? There is enough mountain for everyone.

  • auton0my

    This is fantastic. I want to print and frame it. The only way it could be better if there was a fixie involved.

    • Angelo Medina


  • carterofmemphis

    This is the best!

  • Trevor Martin

    Which one is the kook in this photo?!

    • Jared Jerome

      I just hope there was “vroooom” noises all the way down…

    • Definitely me! Kooks only here in Los Angeles!

  • Jared Jerome

    Big Bear feels like that too, but it makes it funny. Blowing past a dude that’s dressed for a hockey game/motocross race feels good. That said, I’ve never had an experience that felt overtly negative like it sounds like the workers were.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    bummed that I didn’t get the invite this year but last year the whole staff was super welcoming and totally nice. weird.

    • Staff did a 180 this year.

      • Ace Metric Cycles


  • Ahab

    Enduro bros on plus bikes giving downhillers a bad name. : )

  • Andy Moore

    #kookswhodontneedtowearpadstoshred is more like it. lol

  • charlesojones

    Interbike outdoor demo is coming in 2018. Someone might want to have a chit-chat with the supervisors at Northstar before the world descends on them. Straighten out the “Bros”, or fire them and hire people who understand the importance of customer service. Bad press can go a long way.

    • Nick

      While I appreciate the sentiment, there are a couple issues with that.

      – I don’t see anything about employees being responsible for the attitude.
      – We have a major housing crisis for less well paid employees up here, which has created a crisis in finding even reasonably reliable workers. If you just ‘fire the bros’ you won’t have anyone to work for you, period. May not be ideal, but welcome to the real world. Thank airbnb.

      Edit – I see a comment that staff sucked, below. Shit, well, guess thats that. Northstar sucks anyway.

      • Oh, the employees were the ones making the most comments.

      • charlesojones

        Yes, just firing them is probably not realistic in the long run. But slapping them (figuratively) with some “real world” reality as it relates to dealing with people and maintaining a successful business might be worthwhile. Management needs to have the will to deal with it though. Culture starts at the top.

        • I know myself and others submitted complaints to the HR office.

  • Other Kyle is a complete shredder as well! Up the kooks!