Search and State: Olive Drab Field Shorts Jul 31, 2017

I’m kind of a shorts hoarder. Each year, as the temperatures warm up so that the option for wearing jeans dissipates, I’m on the hunt for a few shorts options. Search and State’s newest apparel fits right into my wardrobe with these new OD green Field Shorts. Made in NYC and backed by SAS’ relentless pursuit of perfection, these shorts are in stock now at Search and State. Oh and they totally come in black too, don’t fret!


    I’m sure they are great but $145??? Yowza!

  • James

    Yeah, no thanks. Dickies from thrift store + scissors. Less than $5 and will last for years. Now that’s punk rock. I wish NYC was still punk.

  • dickey

    I do the same thing come spring: go into Buffalo Exchange and see what they got. Gotta stay on-trend.

  • thebennonite

    Or you could just snag a pair of boy scout shorts…

  • breed007

    I have two pairs of S&S shorts and I love them. Durable and stretchy enough to wear in the woods and on the bike, but they look/fit well enough to wear to around non-bike people. Not cheap but so versatile.