Ritchey’s Comp Road Logic Complete Jul 12, 2017

For $2,199.00, the new Ritchey Comp Road Logic complete bike features Shimano 105, Ritchey components and Ritchey Comp Beta wheels. These new bikes will fit 30mm tires and feature a new Ritchey carbon fork. Basically, for under $2,200, you’re getting a lot of Ritchey and that ain’t a bad thing. See more at… you guessed it, Ritchey.

  • mdf

    Very nice. This just knocked the All City Mr Pink down to the second step on my new road bike wishlist

    • They’re both great bikes for sure!

      • mdf

        I’m just waiting for a Mapei homage in a Mr Pink, then I’ll change my mind again

  • Josh Caffrey

    The Road Logic is a great bike. I love seeing Ritchey offering more options. Nice work Fergus ; )

  • Nathan Cozart

    So the original Road Logic (gray) only fits 28s, but the new blue Comp Road Logic will fit 30s?

    I was already comparing the Road Logic and the Mr Pink as options for a road bike, so the Comp makes a great 3rd option. Any thoughts on ride quality and weight difference between the 3 frame options? I love the frame details on the Mr Pink, but would like to know the ride quality and weight trade off as I have always heard great things about the way a Ritchey rides.


      All City makes a great bike, no doubt, and we respect the work they do. I would argue the reason for choosing a Ritchey over All City is 40+ years of frame building and design that goes into development of our bikes. From our integrated head tube to the butting profile and location in our tubes.
      It should be noted, we call out our clearance is on the conservative side. Depending on rim and tire manufacture, you may be able to run bigger than advertised tires.

      • Nathan Cozart

        Thanks for the response Ritchey! I love hearing from the Manufacturer directly, and it is great to get the information on conservative tire clearances. The folks I know that ride a Ritchey love it, so that is a testimony to your long tradition of building fine frames.
        Any chance of seeing some details like lugs and reinforcements for bottle bosses and internal cable routing? These are some details that make All City frames stand out against other production frames in my mind.
        Keep up the good work!

  • reteptterrab

    This bike looks sweet but needs a crankset with classic looks to compliment the retro-modern aesthetic

  • Roel

    Any advice on the integrated headset cups? What happens when the bearings make small dents in the cups when riding over a bump? Do you need to replace the frame or am I missing something?
    I had the chance to test the previous model. The weight is very low compared to what you would expect and the ride quality is second to none.
    It’s on my wishlist to build with a black Potenza groupset, Neutron wheels and a custom painted stem (in the same color as the frame).


      The head tube still uses a cartridge bearing drop-in headset, so no little dents, like you would expect from a loose ball headset. In the 7 years we’ve been using our forged, machined head tube across all models, none have come back with denting like you are concerned about.

  • JLN

    Those fast-back stays…

  • Erik_A

    Is this Comp Road Logic identical to the Road Logic frame and fork, just different colors? The geometry tables look the same. Is the 30c tire clearance applicable for both? https://ritcheylogic.com/road-logic-bike


      They will share geometry, however the blue Road Logic has comfortable clearance for 30c tires (some say more, but we drew the frame and fork around a 30c). The grey one, can fit up to a 27c, depending on rim and tire manufacture.