Our Friend Edie Jul 5, 2017

… was hit by a car and is paralyzed from the chest down. As you might imagine, this has been horrible news for our community here in Los Angeles – both for cyclists that know Edie and for everyone who has heard the news. To add to this, Edie had just received her custom Stinner Frameworks Romero all-road to be built up the day before she was hit. In hopes to reduce her medical bills, Edie has listed the frame on eBay. It’s a 50cm frame, will fit 45mm tires and has a beautiful coat of wet paint. You can see the geometry and details at the eBay listing and see more at Edie’s Go Fund Me!

  • This is really sad :(

  • Zian

    Humbling and tragic

  • Savoldelli

    This is so sad. Sounds like a true miracle that she survived the accident. Wishing her all the best!

  • Richard

    Terribly sorry to hear it. Any rider hit is a blow to all riders. Best wishes to Edie and all close to her.