My Celestial All City Spacehorse Disc – Jarrod Bunk


My Celestial All City Spacehorse Disc – Jarrod bunk
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

All City’s Spacehorse Disc ticks a lot of boxes for me, I fell in love with my canti version two years ago, since then I probably spent the most time on that bike of all of them. It just felt right, the geometry was fun and it climbed, descended and shredded so well.  Fast forward to Saddle Drive last August, I happened to check out the new Spacehorse Disc, it solved one of the only issues I had with the canti version, the braking.  I ordered up a frame, but my mind wandered and I decided to add a few small things to the build, based on what I wished the canti bike had, warranty be damned. I had Maestro Frameworks braze on a third bottle, pump peg, and add some internal wiring for my rear tail light.

Since the bike was getting the paint stripped off for the frame work I had Wanderlust Paint make something special for me. I printed a picture of All City’s geo chart and broke out my markers, I’ve always had something for brown on bikes, so that’s where I started.  I think that paint can make a bike, so I even had my Simworks stem painted to match.  Years ago my friend Jesse turned me onto Pass and Stow racks, I always wanted one, and since then have been waiting for the right bike, this was that bike.  I knew I would be using a dynamo system on my Spacehorse and loved that I could run wiring through the rack for a cleaner look.

I used a little Newbaums tape to cover the wiring safely and protect the powder coat on the rack.  I think this worked out well.  Aside from those details, I’m running a Chris King rear hub, SON front, and Supernova lights.  Other parts include a CK40 headset, Silca frame pump, White Industries cranks, Chris King bottom bracket, and Velocity Cliffhanger rims.  I build custom bikes 6 days a week and breaking bike parts should be my job, so I built this bike with the most bombproof parts I could. Enough about the build, I’ve got to spend a bit of time on this commuting and riding, and its as good as the old canti bike, just a little bit better for my needs. For whatever reason the disc fork feels a good bit stiffer, which is real nice for front loading, and adds some confidence under hard fast braking descents.

Swift Campout was a blast this year thanks to the Spacehorse which handled the muddy, slick, steep terrain perfectly, hence the dirt on it.  I can’t say enough about just how damn fun the Spacehorse Disc is, the versatility of the bike is out of this world, from commuting, to touring, to just shredding gravel I love this bike. It didn’t take much but I turned a stock frame into my dream bike, one I will have for a lifetime.  If you haven’t ridden one I recommend checking one out at your local dealer, you won’t be sorry.


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  • Not a huge fan of the Space Horse Disc paint job (and definitely not the new blue/green striped one), but this is eye-popping neat.

    • Rowdy Rollins

      Agreed! The black and silver was kind of boring, but the blue and green is so god awful!

  • bikecow

    I’ve been waiting to see a post of this one. Good job, Jarrod!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    hell yes bud.

  • Robert Franklin

    My wife is running the canti version, and I think she’ll want to switch to disc soon.

    Are those tires Rock-n- Roads? How’s the mud clearance with those mounted?

    • They are rock n roads on velocity cliffhangers, I think they measured 44, and there is enough, I’ve had it on some muddy rides and no clearance issues.

  • Chris Kyle

    Love it! I’m very pleased with my Space Horse disc build. It’s defines do-all and all-road for me.

  • That dangle brings me physical pain.

  • boomforeal

    really cool bike jarrod. impressive what you can build from a stock frame with a well thought out spec and a willingness to void the warranty

    curious about the stem – it seems quite short for a road-ish bike, but maybe it works well with the flared bars – was it a fit- or handling-related decision?

    • This is definitely more of a touring bike for me. I found the 90mm stem is a happy median that allows me to sit upright enough to be extremely comfortable, but still have fun when I want to. For instance on my 60cm warbird I run a 110-120 stem, and more saddle to bar drop.

      • Rob X

        Same here. I don’t treat mine as a road bike but as a commuter/tourer/gravel bike. I like a more upright position for that type of riding. I just reach into the drops if I wanna up the pace though.

      • boomforeal

        ah. it looked shorter than 90mm to me but perhaps that’s because of the size of the frame. i run a 90mm stem on my touring/commuting/gravel/road bike but purely for fit reasons – it handles better with a longer stem but my poor underdeveloped abs can’t take the weight

        last question: why the long steerer tube above the stem?

        • It’s a 61cm frame. The extra steerer is for when I run a Docena rando bag.

    • Sorry didn’t address the warranty. Things break, if I break this frame I’ll get it repaired, and probably add S&S couplers to it as well.

      • boomforeal

        that part of my comment was purely tongue in cheek. all of your additions are improvements, potentially free rnd for all-city

  • Transit

    Jarrod! This is so good! Congrats on a REALLY sick build!

    • Been planning it since last August, just getting parts here and there, hoping to finally ditch the car. Mother Nature hasn’t been playing along with that concept the last month.

  • Ham Sandwich

    that headset is upside down as fuck.

    • The only way I run a King on a straight steerer this is year 16 for me doing that. Throwback to old SS days.

      • Ham Sandwich

        oh yeah well i run my tapered CK headsets upside down. and ive been doing THAT for 17 years.

    • Trevor H

      It also says king on both top and bottom..

  • jamesacklin

    Glad you were able to make it work with Maestro, Mike is superb human being.

  • Rob X

    I love my Disco Horse just the way it is, but damn, I am feeling a lil envious right now.

  • Chris Dosch
  • Chris Dosch

    Looks a little like my steed. I also have front panniers from Swift, and they rock. Nice looking ride, great photoset!

  • Ryanisinallofus

    I know it would be boring to most, but I’d love built lists with these!

    • bushtrucker

      I disagree. half the fun is trying to figure out what’s goin on!

    • I’ll work on that. But yeh trying to figure out is part of the fun. There’s a lot of little things going on.

      • Ryanisinallofus

        Pre radavist days there was this old site full of classic bikes that showed of some not as good photos but some great build lists. It was fun to comb through them.

  • tsmak31

    Hello what pedals are there?

    • Chromag scarab pedals, 11-46, 38t front ring. Slow rolling touring setup. SRAM Force shifting a Shimano Cassette.

      • Rob X

        Wait, what??? Can every SRAM X-Actuation rd clear a 46t cog? How does one achieve this?

        • jamesacklin

          I see a Wolf Tooth RoadLink in there, my friend

        • Don’t know about X-Act, but I run 11-46 (Sunrace) with a long cage Rival 1. Shifts pretty much the same as a short cage variant with a 11-36 cassette.

          • Rob X

            u right, I always forget that the 1x road/cx mechs aren’t X-Actuation. Still, I wonder if this is possible with the X-Actuation mechs too.

  • Nice ride. I really love the tiny little bracket you have for the Supernova rear light. What did you use for that? I might have to steal that idea for my Kona Sutra LTD. Especially, since I don’t use the rack/fender mounts for anything else.

    • I drilled out the light itself to fit a standard screw. I used a torx bolt since the head was more slim than a rack or water bottle bolt.

      • Zac

        Cycleast in Austin did a similar job for me on my Cinelli Hobootleg. The Supernova just disappears down there by the wheel. Looks even better snugged up next to a disc brake.

  • ozren0

    How did you mount the rear light? I just got mine, and it looks like it uses a tiny bolt.

  • Kevin Mulcahy

    How does the internal tail light wiring work? It looks like it’s going through the sheath next the brake line.

    • It runs through the chain stay. And in shrink wrap up to the headlight, under the newbaums, front/rear connection is under the upper deck of the rack.

  • Ian Connelly

    Another plug from me for Pass & Stow racks (based in Oakland) – Matt makes amazing, durable, light racks. The “Big S” seems to have taken a lot of inspiration for their pizza rack from P&S, even.

    • Ryanisinallofus

      I didn’t know they could take full bags AND a basket like this.

      • It’s really my favorite, I probably dropped 1k on racks the last few years, trying out all different ones. The Pass And Stow is my favorite so far.

        • Jaymie Miguel

          Hey Jarrod! Sweet build! What basket are you using? I’m currently using a milk crafts with my Pass and Stow and looking for something less bulky! Thanks!

          • Its a Wald 1392.

          • Jaymie Miguel

            Sweet! Thanks!

        • Simon

          Hi, can you comment on whether you think the Rock n Roads can handle a full load on the Pass and Stow rack for touring?
          Should I go Rock n Road on the rear and Soma Cazadero 700x50c up front on my Surly Crosscheck with Straggler fork? Thanks! ;)

          • I didn’t mind the rock n roads when I ran them on this bike, that being said Almost immediatly after I shot these photos I changed over to Panaracer gravel king sks in a 40c, and then to the 43c version of them once they came out. I do prefer that casing a little more when fully loaded. I rode those tires for the rest of the summer/fall. I just built up a set of 650b wheels to see how this bike handles with smaller wheels. Spoiler alert, it shreds, so it will more than likely remain built with 650b wheels.

          • Simon

            I hear ya. If I could fit 650b on my bike I totally would. Guess I’ll just max out my 700c to the biggest tire I can fit. Cheers!

          • What 650b tires did you end up with?

    • “Inspiration”

  • dan scheie

    Stoked that this came together so well! I bet that paint pops in person!

  • AdamBike99

    Yer rig is more dialed than an old used up telephone!

  • JLN

    This is rad. Love my canti Space Horse.

    Also, wish All City would post those patches to Australia.

    • I think that’s the plan eventually, or maybe your Australian distributor will make it happen.

      • JLN

        Awesome. Hopefully this happens.

  • Dan Bennett

    What handlebar you running with on that thing?

    • It’s a Salsa Cycles Cowchipper. Soon to be replaced with something special I’m working on.

      • Dan Bennett

        Awesome! Thanks!

      • Would love to hear more on your new bar Jarrod.

  • Andrew

    Is that a white industries tsr chainring on a square taper crank? I have a square taper white industries crank running a single chainring (on my canti space horse) but want the tsr so bad. Didn’t think it was compatible unless 30mm.