Merckx Mondays Jul 10, 2017

Mick from 100 Tacos‘ Eddy Merckx Pista has some lovely beausage. After the seat stay cap cracked, he had it repaired and rather than paint-matching the raw steel, he let it oxidize, giving this bike lots of character. While this isn’t a complete photoset, I think these photos capture this bike wonderfully. Killer ride, Mick!

  • jh

    Love the long stem, headset and straight fork.

  • Nicholas Ivan Fortin

    100 reasons to love that dude.

  • Emory Hancock

    How can one tell if an oxidized frame is still safe to ride?

    • GNARdina

      It would depend if it’s just surface rust or if it’s worse. Surface rust usually isn’t very pitted and you can still see good metal under it.

  • Zian


    • DopePedaler

      might be panaracer paselas

  • GNARdina

    Honest question, why are salsa stems so coveted? Is it a functionality thing or is it more based around looks and nostalgia?

    • Simplicity, steel and yeah, probably some nostalgia.

    • To me, the draw of the Salsa quills was the fact that they were made in California to a pretty high standard for quite some time. Old domestically produced parts have a certain appeal to a lot modern consumers based in the US I think.

  • Awesome. Still looks zippy and has a cruiser vibe. The way to be!

  • Pete Knight

    He’s gonna rock those brick wall-authentics till they disintegrate. Both bike and boots are #megatoured and mega sick.

  • JLN

    Those SimWorks bars look awesome on it.

  • I’ll be the pessimist here and say this bike looks odd with that fork. But that’s just my useless opinion. Awesome ride none the less. It oozes character and that’s it’s best quality, regardless of the name on the downtube. Also, this makes me feel slightly less shit about the small amount of rust on the seat tube cluster of my Raleigh. But I have to ask, what’s he going to do about the surface rust? Maybe polish the exposed section, or has it been clear coated over the oxidation?

  • Dave Pelletier

    Love it. Great vibe.

  • Jay Geurink

    I will always love my boy Mick