Grant’s Matter Cycles Wolfbeard is a Capable Beast

Boulder, Colorado-based Matter Cycles knows a thing or two about dirt. The Boulder area is a veritable playground for riders looking to keep their bikes dusty. Collin Schaafsma has an extensive background shredding in the Colorado mountains, and if bikes work well there, chances are, they’ll excel just about anywhere, including Los Angeles.

Coincidentally, Collin’s web guru, Grant just relocated to LA and has been steady shredding this Wolfbeard all-road bike. With 43mm Bruce Gordon Rock N Roads, Shimano Ultegra and Reynolds wheels, Grant’s got a do-it-all bike, with plenty of reliability built right in. Right now, it’s set up as his daily dirt road bike, but with a few add-ons, it’ll transform into a touring rig.

I’ve ridden alongside this bike for weeks now, and have been meaning to take some environmental portraits, in the woods, but I’ve yet to have the chance to, so this perty blue wall will do for now…

  • boomforeal

    this is the first drop bar road bike i can recall that you’ve featured with the hand position higher than the saddle. any insights into why it is setup/run this way?

    • Not sure 100% but my guess would be it’s closer to a tourer, than an actual road bike and touring bikes usually have higher bars. Other guess could be that he’s a mountain biker and prefers the more upright riding position.

      • boomforeal


        too bad their site is down, this post reminded me of the dually collin had at nahbs last year and i wanted to geek out on it again

  • Jared Jerome

    I am very into this thing.

  • Masterchief

    Noice. Those polydrops just makes so much sense in this world of ever changing axle standards. And they look good too – a neat and tidy execution of what could easily have become a major clusterfuck.