Everyone’s Welcome at Ponderosa Cycle + Tour! – Kyle Kelley

Everyone’s welcome at Ponderosa Cycle + Tour!
Words and Photos by Kyle Kelley

Ponderosa Cyclery + Tour was the first stop on my most recent Bike Shop Tour through middle America. Ponderosa is a relatively new shop compared to the two other shops I’d be stopping at on my way back to California, but it sure didn’t feel that way when I got there. Maybe that was because of Vince’s 14 years of experience in bike shops, or it could be Vince’s love of bicycle tourism and many of the amazing products once produced for the bicycle tourist around the time of the Bikecentennial. Or just maybe it has something to do with the build out of the shop. As I looked around I was astonished by many of the antique fixtures and reclaimed shelving in the store, when I asked about them, before Vince could even get a word in, Jessica, his partner, and co-worker at the shop told us all about Vince’s addiction to Craigslist.

It all started to make sense, from the build out of the store, to the immense collection of the coolest vintage bikes around (all in Vince’s size), this place’s whole aesthetic is about reclaiming and recycling only the finest in Craigslist finds! People in Los Angeles would pay thousands of dollars for this look and Vince did it all by hitting the search button. I salute you!

On the Ponderosa website, it states that they are a service-based shop, but I’d say this isn’t true, I’d say they are a people-based shop. In the business of making all walks of life happy. When you first walk up to Ponderosa’s door you see a sign welcoming everyone, all races, ages, religions, and genders and that’s is just what they do.

Besides all of the coolest bike stuff from around the world and a damn great service department, Ponderosa Cyclery + Tour prides themselves on being part of The Nebraska Tourism Commission and getting people, not just cyclists, out to see their wonderful state and all the hidden gems which it contains. I’d even go as far as saying that Vince may possibly be the biggest fan of Nebraska there ever was, I’d even say that Vince likes Nebraska even more than I like Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, and that’s a whole hell of a lot! And if you don’t believe me, either go visit Vince at the shop or just follow along with him on Instagram and you’ll be trying to move to Nebraska in no time, I know I’ve thought about it.

And did I mention…they have a really cool shop cat!


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  • Mark Reimer

    Shop looks so good Vince!

    • So good. I can’t wait to see it in person one day.

      • You know it’s good when your wife sends you google maps directions from your house to Nebraska, 2900 km away.

  • AdamBike99

    Shop Cat!
    Obvs cool cats all the way around.

  • No photo of the welcome sign?

  • Such a great set!

  • Tony Berger

    Vince is the reason that shop is legit, I drive many miles and past many other LBS just to go to Ponderosa.

  • White Mike

    Vince is the best. The panniers with Porcelain Rocket are also the best. RESPECT.

  • Jeff Cole

    A great shop! Vince has created a super shop with great
    products, service, advice and even community.

  • Peter Hedman

    Need the coozies and patches and stickers – too good! Great shop.

    Feels like a Nebraska-ish cousin of Velo Cult.

  • Adam Leddin

    Phil pedals FTW

  • c-record

    Freya representin’ 🐈

  • Jeremy H

    I think shop cats should be the new yard stick by which shops are measured :)

  • Kevin Ehman

    this looks like a dream shop!

  • breed007

    Steel frames and nobby tires. The aesthetic of that place is absolutely dialed.

  • Juan Cool Romance

    that man has impeccable tastes. thanks for bringing my eyeballs here so well, Kyle and Apple