SOLD OUT: The Radavist F*ck Yeah Olive Drab Bottles Jul 2, 2017


Well, we’ve heard your requests and ordered a giant batch of Olive Drab bottles, which are now in stock. Two Olive Drab bottles for $20 plus shipping, worldwide and in stock now. SORRY SOLD OUT! Don’t worry, more products are on the way!

  • Benny Watson

    Finally I saw one of these offers in time!

  • Erik_A

    Fifth time’s the charm! Saw this before it sold out! Happy 4th to me…

  • joseph reyes

    Baby come BACK! I have a Olive Ano Spooky coming and matchy mathcy needs to be dialed! lolz

  • Hi can you tell when the bottles will be shipped? Looking forward to receive them ;)

    • They’re all being shipped this week. Sorry it’s taking so long to pack and print labels.

  • Donnieboy

    will buy 2 when these bottles are released.