Ok, Now Sagan is Riding It Jun 15, 2017

Life can’t be all donuts and pink smoke I suppose!

  • Rider_X

    If I am honest, I was kinda feelin’ the donuts more than this.

    • It’s the song!

      • “After giving him the bike and a film crew, Specialized told Peter he could pick any song he wanted to go with this video. The results speak for themselves…”

  • toffee

    Prefer the black car, more chance I would do donuts, than do silly tricks on a road bike in the bush

    • ain’t nothin silly about jibbin on a road bike, ser… it’s just fun.

  • Chaise Jonsen

    Don’t care for donuts in a muscle car or the song, but damn Sagan shreds.

  • AdamBike99

    I just don’t want to read, “Sagan out of Tour due to auguring a sponsors new bike into a tree while performing stunty shenanigans…”
    The dude’s obviously got skillz fer milez and it’s refreshing that he hasn’t lost the ability to act like a kid on a bike. I’m still not buying one, tho, lol!

  • Dexter

    He’s a boss.

  • He has such great command over the bike and his elbows!