MinneCycle 2017: Vincent Dominguez Cycles Not So Mellow, Yellow Disc Road- Jarrod Bunk

MinneCycle 2017 : Vincent Dominguez Cycles Not So Mellow, Yellow Disc Road
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

After I hopped off the plane and a short ride to MinneCycle 5, Minnesota’s handmade bicycle show, I waited out the harsh light and 90 degree temps outside by checking out the show inside.  One of the first bikes was this Dominguez. I wasn’t super familiar with Dominguez, but soon after observing this bike I wanted to be.

There is nothing mellow about this yellow bike, especially when you look closely, which I did!  The fully lined, internal cable routing, with some beautiful entry points into the frame, is what drew me in closer. Once I was there, I noticed things like the logo-less DT Swiss hubs, Campagnolo Chorus build – but most of all the frame details.

The mixture of fillet brazing and lugs to me was just the right amount of both. The way they integrate into the frame elegantly so as to not take away from each other really caught my eye. Scalloped seatstays and the slightly offset front brake housing – so as to not rub the headtube – were the final nails in this killer build. Check out Dominguez Cycles for more.


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  • jtbadge

    This bike is sick. Can’t wait to see more of your MinneCycle coverage, Jarrod.

    Any chance you caught the handlebar make/model?

    • Tranquillo

      The bar has Nitto engravings. Slopes down and forward like the 177, the one that Rivendell refers to as the “Noodle Bar”, which is a must try if you haven’t already. Sublimely comfortable/functional/classically beautiful.

    • Thanks, more coming daily for a little bit.

  • PGH_small_adventures

    What’s mounted on the non-brake side of the fork?

    • Tim Guarente

      Looks like a computer sensor.

    • Computer sensor.

  • Very classic look to that fork. Not really my colour personally, but a beautiful bike none the less.

  • Peter Chesworth

    Very lovely and Grand Bois tyres too.

  • jon robert

    man, that is just gorgeous

  • stric

    Lovely looking bike. It just need to be paired up with some classic, shiny bike parts. Carbon is not that great looking on bikes like this.

    • I think when this bike was originally built Potenza wasn’t quite out yet. I do agree that polished bits would make this next level though.

  • Beau

    Beautiful bike. Nice attention to detail. Might want a zero setback post, though, if he needs to run the saddle all the way forward.

    • Óðinn

      Agreed. Very very nice. I’ve been been thinking of converting my Salsa La Cruz to a Campy drivetrain, and this just gives me further inspiration.

      Love the Amebix avatar, BTW.


  • TypeVertigo

    That cable routing for the front derailleur cable is wonderful. First time I’ve seen something like that on a bike. It’s as if they molded the cable guide spout around the shift cable and have it feed just behind the bottom bracket shell. Pretty much the most amazing steel bike I’ve seen, to be honest.