MinneCycle 2017: Peacock Groove Polka Dot Cargo Bike – Jarrod Bunk

MinneCycle 2017: Peacock Groove Polka Dot Cargo Bike
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Cargo bikes aren’t something you see every day. Polka dotted bikes aren’t something you see every day.  Peacock Groove threw out those notions, because the Liberace of bikes builds anything you’d like, just with even more style, and deep custom.



The deep custom approach is found everywhere on this bike, from the headset to the rear rack, Erik Noren, made it all.  Erik is an artist, and you can see that in every bicycle that he manufacturers.

To think that something like this can come out of his mind and be formed out of steel is incredible.  Where others see a zany cargo bike, I see a masterpiece, from one of the most skilled craftsmen I’ve ever met.  I only got a small taste of his operation while in Minneapolis, but as a long-time fan of his work, I hope to make it back to be able to document his shop. I can’t get enough of his deep custom bikes.



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  • jacob elmquist

    why is the front wheel so offset? why bb5’s? is the front tire on backwards?

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    This thing is sweet

  • Good dots combo!

  • Andrew

    wait, he made the headset? Or he added custom graphics to a headset he purchased? I would be very impressed if he made his own headset.

    • Papi

      Is it really that impressive? The cups, top cap, top cover and (maybe?) crown race are made in Minneapolis. The bearings are Cane Creek 40 series. Same claimed weight as an EC34 / 40 series (98g). So, no functional difference, no weight savings, but it costs $120 rather than the $40 – $60 that the cane creek costs. I guess the impressive part would be that someone would actually buy it.

      • Andrew

        So the guy built a business on his skills as a steel frame builder, but moved into manufacturing precision aluminum parts on a cnc lathe in the US at a similar price point to Chris King and Cane Creek? How are you not impressed?

        • Papi

          With all due respect, the difference between this headset and a Chris King is in the bearings. King makes their own bearings in house, and offered an unprecedented (for the time) ten year warranty on their headsets. And, if we’re all honest with ourselves, lots of people buy Chris King headsets because of all of the pretty colors (including yours truly).

          The price point for this headset in over double the comparable Cane Creek model (40series / EC34), and for the same money (or less if you’re a savvy shopper) you can get a Cane Creek 110 in a pretty color with a hundred and ten year warranty. a hundred. and ten. years.

          • Andrew

            Dude, you’re missing the point.

          • Papi

            I guess so, and I totally respect that he’s making stuff. Is that the point – just making something for the sake of making something? (this is a genuine question – I’m not trying to be antagonistic. Just trying to understand the appeal.)

          • Erik Noren

            Ugh…..what are you making?
            It’s hard enough doing everything yo.

          • Andrew

            This site is filled with the work of people that is more expensive than items produced on a large scale in modern factories. Do you deem every hand made frame or product designed to meet some unmet need as unnecessary?
            Nobody is awarding participation ribbons. This is a new product with slightly different design, decent quality, and a reasonable price. Additionally, it was developed and produced by somebody who is branching into a new production method, material, and product class. Therefore, I am impressed.

          • Papi

            Point taken – well stated. Just because it’s not for me doesn’t mean there’s no place for it.

  • Bob Kersting

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  • Papi

    WHAT is that seat tube made out of? Is is shimmed, or is the seat tube really that thick?

    • Jared Jerome

      I sees an aluminum shim in photo #8.

  • Johnny Burrell

    I’m surprised we haven’t seen purple with pink polka dots sooner. It’s just so good….