MinneCycle 2017: Northern Frameworks All Road with Dura Ace – Jarrod Bunk

MinneCycle 2017: Northern Frameworks All Road with Dura Ace
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

I first heard of Northern Frameworks when it was just a whisper. Josh from Angry Catfish and Alex from A-Train Cycles decided to team up for a new custom frame brand to be sold in-house at the shop. The first time I saw one in person I was stoked: custom made steel bikes that keep the Twin Cities proud.

Northern Frameworks produces a bike with clean lines, tailored fit, and brilliant paint. The build on this bike is just as good as the aesthetic though, sporting Dura Ace 9100 series components, painted to match fenders, pewter Chris King headset and an ENVE cockpit. Those Derby rims laced to White Industries CLD hubs, hand built by Haute Bacon, tie it all together. The internally routed hydraulic line is extremely clean and the T47 BB keeps this bike somewhat future proof should the owner choose to build it differently down the road.

A bike like this screams versatility (with an inside voice), as it’s not overbearing in any way, but can tackle several different types of riding pretty well. I can’t wait to get back to Minneapolis to see more from these guys.  For more info check out Northern Frameworks.


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  • David Gaible

    Wow, what is that front fender – the swooped stay is gorgeous.

    • Tim Guarente

      That’s the Enve fender.

  • Don Gouda

    I’m a big fan of the pewter CK stuff. It looks great with this dark blue. Killer bike!

    • Too bad it’s not longer available. Angry Catfish luckily had one to make the stellar build even better.

    • NR

      Very neat bike!!!
      Why is the headset top cap is not level with the insert? I am asking because I have exactly the same issue with one of my bikes and a CK headset (well, it works fine, so it is not really an issue but a peculiarity).

      • Carbon steerer goes the whole way through the stem, the way it should be.

        • NR

          Sorry, i did not mean that. I meant that the top bearing cap is not level with the upper cup (see pic 5 below the larger of the two spacers)

  • Andy Moore

    Gorgeous frame, gorgeous build.

    Anybody know why the seatpost clamp is backwards if the key hole is on the back, tho? Seems incongruous on such a stellar bike.

    • Brandon Stahnke

      Andy – according to Thomson: “If the Thomson Seatpost Collar is used with a carbon fiber frame or with a carbon fiber seatpost, or both, orient slot in the seatpost collar 180º away from slot in frame.”

      • Andy Moore

        Good to know, thanks for the info.

    • Richard

      Or: Backwards seatpost collar is the new upside down Chris King headset.

      Honestly, I know Thompson advises it, but does anyone know WHY?

      • Andy Moore

        I’d guess to distribute pressure as evenly as possible around the post – but it is a *guess.* I could be wrong, again. ;)

    • Kyle

      Keeps grit out of the bolt threads, perhaps?

  • Daniel M

    Does anyone know how effective the Enve front fender is? it looks super short on both ends.

  • stric

    These are nice looking bikes. I keep looking at them whenever I stop by Angry Catfish and one of my neighbors has a custom one (made for very tall people). The trouble is, that they cost too much for steel frames.