MinneCycle 2017: Clockwork Bikes Custom Tour Divide Bike – Jarrod Bunk

MinneCycle 2017: Clockwork Bikes Custom Tour Divide Bike– Jarrod Bunk
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

You’ve probably seen Clockwork’s bikes before: Joel shaped steel for Poppi’s romantical dirt droop 29’r, which was featured here on the Radavist in 2015. While at MinneCycle I was able to check out this rad bike that came together for the Tour Divide with some pretty special extras. Those include internal dynamo wiring, sliding dropouts, and a custom made rack with a unique decaleur and a quick disconnect.

Oddity made a pretty wild bar for multiple hand positions and longer days in the saddle, so naturally, it made its way onto this build. A White Industries rear hub and SON Dynamo front hub should have this bike service-free for the entirety of the trip and then some.

A Box Components drivetrain and Paul Klamper brakeset round out this gorgeous build. The sleeved internal cable routing should keep things tidy while on tour and should something happen, still remain serviceable. All in all this is one hell of a clean bicycle that is full of features to make life easier when you’re out there. Check out more at Clockwork Bikes.


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  • Kerry Nordstrom

    The healthy setback on the seatpost + Brooks slammed forward = ???

    • Jesse

      Stack of spacers + inverted bars = ???

      • mrbiggs

        That “stack” looks like 2 or 3, and the bars aren’t inverted. They look flat, with that riser section in the middle. I believe the text says it’s for multiple hand positions, and this being a long-distance bike, I’d guess that comfort in those positions was more important than worrying about the number of spacers. (I think spacers with the straight stem looks better than Paul’s riser stem.)
        As for the saddle, it looks like it may be because of the saddle bag.

        • Correct, the bars are not inverted.

          • Ham Sandwich

            sometimes i wear shirts as pants.

          • GNARdina

            and diapers as a helmet

          • PGH_small_adventures

            Do you have any input on why they would use an offset post with a seat set forward? My guess is to get the clamp closer to the springs without changing the rider position, but I’m curious if you’d know whether or not that’s true.

          • brian

            It’s a post I had on hand from another build and while I don’t need all the setback, with such a small amount of post showing, I like how it fits the saddle bag

          • GNARdina

            oh ok, thanks for letting me know. I thought you had some little secret hack for dampening the bumps in the road that I hadn’t heard of before. Beautiful bike.

        • Jesse

          I stand humbly corrected. I guess the extension thing on the top could be useful for mounting stuff.

    • Zian

      Believe it or not, change happens

    • PGH_small_adventures

      there has to be some mechanical to having it clamp closer to the springs.

  • Richard

    Those bars!

    Thoughtful component selection all the way through. But THOSE BARS!

  • PGH_small_adventures

    This is a perfect example full custom vs. handmade. The details from the fork and rack, back to the dropouts are all amazing. This is so much more than just custom geometry and internal routing.

  • Dan Coppola

    Great bike! What are the two braze on’s on the underside of the top tube for? Custom frame bag?

    • brian

      Braze on’s are for a future integrated frame bag

  • Quite possibly the most beautiful bicycle yet.

  • Will

    I guess they never learned that thing about wiping off excess lube. Otherwise, gorgeous. Bit goofy for my tastes, but it’s a looker for sure.

    • Noel Smith

      Grade-A nitpick!

  • Chris Dosch

    As a Minnesotan or not, this is the coolest bike I’ve seen on here in a while. Flannel for the win.

  • Jeremy H

    That rear light….need to get one. Second time in recent weeks I’ve seen that light on this site!

  • Noel Smith

    classy af

  • Gernot Frank

    Which USB plug does he use? Looks quite small.

    • brian

      It’s a Sinewave Revolution

  • Eric Hancock

    Love this bike. So many thoughtful touches. I wonder how flexible that fork is.

  • NicholasPiranha

    I think its 27.5!

  • singlespeedscott

    Those wheels are definitely 650B.

  • AdamBike99

    That is the best interpretation of a decaleur yet!
    And that rack is pure functional beauty (which goes perfectly with the rest of the bike’s execution).

    • DaymanDaryl

      Check out the Dock-It decaleur. I’m not if this is one of those, but it’s danged close.
      The rack is great. I bet it can schelp some heavy ish. 3 struts per side is 2 more than most! And the fork still has an unused low rider mount! HAWT DAWG!

  • Juan Cool Romance


  • Daniel Jackson

    Anyone have a handle on what color this bike is? An RAL or official auto body color would be great. Or, alternatively, info about who painted it.


  • Theodor Rzad

    killer details throughout; curious then the dearth of fender mounts…