K-Edge’s Niterider Light Mounts Jun 7, 2017

US-manufacturer of adapters, brackets and other useful accessories, K-Edge recently partnered with light brand Niterider on a clean and simple bracket for their lights. These brackets keep the light off your cockpit, freeing up hand space and putting the beam nice and low. K-Edge also makes brackets for your GPS, as well as GoPro, so check out their full line at their webshop. I wish they made something for the SON light that was this simple!

  • starground

    Just remember, if you have an assymetric lightbeam, mounting your lamp upside down isn’t that bright. ;-)

    • Andy Moore

      I’m glad somebody said that before I did – although it *could be* blindingly bright enough for oncoming vehicles’ drivers to run into you by accident. Be sure to wear a helmet if you do, teens!

  • Patrick

    I tried mounting a Niterider upside down and when I would stand and mash the light would go into my eyes as it has no “hood” on the bottom. Otherwise the beam is symmetrical.

    But this looks like you can mount it right side up. And looks to have no slip, unlike the Niterider (crap)clamp.

  • skunk ape

    Does anyone know of a third party mount like this for Bontrager Ion lights?