Jeremy’s Stinner Baja Buggy 27.5 Monster Cross Bike

The 70’s were the automotive paint design heyday, ATMO anyway. Earth tones and bright hues intersected along cars, vans and trucks via a network of chevrons and stripes. While many manufacturers embraced these trends, it was the niche hobby market who took it to the next level. A whole culture emerged with vans donning intricate designs, long before #VanLife, yet it was the off-road culture that has always piqued my interest, most notably the baja bugs and trucks. Jeremy from Stinner Frameworks has always had an affinity for the early 70’s Baja Bug paint designs, ultimately these became the inspiration for this two-wheeled off-road machine.

An avid mountain biker, Jeremy wanted to get a new drop bar bike, one that was capable of tackling Santa Barbara’s rocky trails and fire roads, yet maintained a zippy feel. He decided on the Stinner Monster Cross model with 27.5 wheels and a few clever hacks. We’ve seen it before, but mating Di2 shifters with an XT rear mech allows for Shimano e-shifting mountain bike gearing on a drop bar bike. Then, Jeremy took it a step further, using the second mechanical shifter to activate his dropper post, for when the trail gets steep.

Because this was a NAHBS bike, Stinner had access to that rarer than unicorn shit Chris King Bourbon color, which is what made its way onto this frame. These bits, along with the Onza Canis tires and Fog City bags (there’s also a cargo bag for the seat tube, which carries random trail items for Jeremy, which I omitted from the shoot) really make this bike top notch.

  • Kawika Samson

    Such a sick Stinner build

    • benb

      what is the second bottle cage ?

  • Sebastian Burnell

    Wow…exactly my kind of bike. Like the Crema…fantastic color scheme.

    • The Crema inspired the first Stinner Monster cross for sure!

  • Beau Street

    I see every Ivan Stewart trophy truck morphed into a sick bike. Man, what a great paint job.

  • Andrew Mc

    That this is badass!

    I am very curious to hear about the dropper. How does an electronic shifter control a cable activated seatpost? There is some wizardry there…

    • It’s a mechanical shifter. 👌🏻

      • mrbiggs

        So the right shifter is electronic Di2 and the left is mechanical?

  • boomforeal

    hey john, in your experience and from your conversations with builders, are there any downsides/compromises to building in more tire clearance on a road bike? or is the persistent rareness of these types of designs more a function of inertia…

    • The biggest thing is the front derailleur or double chainrings eating away at chainstay clearances. Some people are using boosted rear ends to keep the chainlines happy on 1x setups, but that’s all I know – assuming I’m understanding your question correctly.

      • boomforeal

        so you’d have to design the bike for a 1x drivetrain, or long chainstays, to be able to fit a tire as big as the one being run here, or on your crema. i can definitely see that being a design constraint for a road bike. thanks!

  • What a beauty!

  • Danny Pagano

    Would this be considered “tukt”?

    • Ham Sandwich

      the rear tire is not pressed firmly against the seat tube, and is able to spin freely. so no.

  • C.Silver

    Wait, this looks different than their Romero / Monster Cross model – that has a straight seat tube. Is this a one-off kinda custom build?

    • The bent seat tube is an option they can do for you.

  • Ryanisinallofus

    Does the Di2 + XT thing require any hacks or does it just work?

    • it just works, as far as I’ve heard.

    • Shimano road Di2 brifters will run a MTN RD in a 1x setup plug-n-play with standard parts no problem, but will not work if you try to plug a FD into it.

      • J.E.

        Technically it will work with a FD too, but has to be a mountain front derailleur, basically FD and RD have to match road or mountain. Have a customer with a black cat CX bike set up with XTR front and rear derailleurs but he’s also running an XTR 2x front crank so no chainring size issues.

        • Any issues with the FD clearing the frame? I’ve heard of interference when reading through endless forum posts on this topic. Sure wish Shimano would let us mix and match freely!

          • J.E.

            It’s a touch higher then ideal since the cage can hit the chainstay if you drop it all the way but still shifts totally fine (best part of Di2). Much better then the 6870 FD he had with those cranks installed since the FD was really high up to have it not hit the chainstay, worked but far from 100%. Agreed it’s pretty frustrating that shimano won’t make mountain and road stuff interchangeable, especially with bikes like the above becoming more common place.

    • Fluent In Campagnolo

      I use the road hydro hoods with xtr di2 1x and it works flawlessly. I also used the display as the junction box and set up shifting etap style. it’s dopeee

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    perfect execution and a delight for the eyes. imho, a bike that checks all of these boxes has every change of being a visual monstrosity.

  • Chris Andrews

    This. Is. Ridiculous. Serious envy over this one. Was it formed from (some) parts he already had or was this one super-expensive custom build process acquiring all this stuff individually? This’d be an INCREDIBLE Tour Divide/Tour Aotearoa bike…

    • Well, it was a NAHBS bike, so it was all new. He also works at Stinner, so that helps. :-)

  • AdamBike99

    Consider all my checkboxes CHECKED…

  • rocketman

    certainly has all the right bling, but the paint job is bleh for me, I prefer your Crema to this 1000 times over. Curious how short he got the chainstays with the bent seat tube?

    • PGH_small_adventures

      Agreed, this definitely isn’t a love or hate bike, but the paint job would fall in the category of “love or kinda not prefer.” I’m not a huge fan of black and orange to begin with, but the design and balance of the graphics is spot on. I’d personally go with a different color scheme, though that doesn’t take away from the fact that the design work is well done and well thought out..

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    Everything all the way down to the bags is on point. I even think the little curve in the seatpost looks cool. *wipes drool off keyboard*

  • Erik Thompson

    What kind of cage is that on the seat tube?

    • Eli Brock

      King Cage Manything.

  • Nice build, Jeremy. This would be slick willie on the Tour Divide. I’m curious about production. I realize it’s a one-off, but plans?

    • Ah. My mistake, the bike is prod, the paint isn’t. Cheers.