It Was Hot and Colorful in the Mountains Today Jun 13, 2017

I’m not exactly sure why, but these days, I tend to shoot a lot of vertical photos while on rides, all the while, in the background of my mind, trying to pair up images as I shoot them. Today was no exception. Even with a relatively early start on our ride, the temperatures got up there, like dust leaving the trail behind one of our plus-sized tire hardtails. It was hot, loose, dusty, rocky and yet the colors were beautifully saturated with spring blooms and blue skies. Mountain biking in LA is my favorite way to start the day. Here’s our route.

  • alexroseinnes

    Hi John, what camera are you using on these rides?

    • This was my Leica M240 and 50mm / 18mm lenses.

      • Nicholas Tingey

        What happened to your Sony kit?

  • alexroseinnes

    gorgeous shots, by the way.

  • Smithhammer

    Amen. There seem to be so few places these days to see great pics of people still ripping on hardtail mountain bikes. m/

  • mp

    Lunar shot of Kyle! Polarizing filter on there?

    • Pulled 100 iso, f8, 18mm shot, cropped vertical.

      • mp