International Kook Exchange Program Part 01: Milk and Honey Edition – Jorja Creighton

International Kook Exchange Program Part O1: Milk and Honey Edition
Words and photos by Jorja Creighton

Founded April 2017, the International Kook Exchange Program (IKEP) provides a safe place for vulnerable kooks in the international biking community, globally, worldwide.The International Kook Exchange Program is for everyone. Chances are… you are a raging kook, embrace it, nurture it, take it into the wild and spread the kook pollen this summer. The exchange aims to provide inspiration to travel and mingle with other bike enthusiasts, it’s a reminder you’re ugly and it’s all goood!

The Australian-US exchange is in its first week of a two-month tour, with Marcel and myself bringing high visibility and sun safety to the land of milk and honey.

We’ve started The Summer Exchange in Arizona with a visit to a well known Kook…Metal Ray, who joined us in Australia two months ago on the first official Kook Exchange; the #crustvantour which you might have seen a month or so back.

Metal Ray took us on a high altitude warm up tour of Northern Arizona’s San Francisco peaks and its labyrinth of MTB trails and tracks nearby his hometown of Flagstaff. A 0% humidity and 100% blazing sun bike ride through fire rampaged mountainsides and snow-capped peaks, along ribbons of single track into Aspen oasis campsites. Dreamy.

We were stopped in our Crust Bikes tire tracks by leaping deer and eagles playing in the wind while poor unsuspecting Americans were stopped by our retina damaging fluorescence. It’s a safety thing. Our second week of the exchange will see us getting hot and heavy at the Grand Canyon with some deep, penetrative North Rimming and Rainbow trailing in what everyone around here says is the best part of the wide and dusty Wonder of the World.

At the beginning of July, we will be embarking the Oregon Timber Trail which we have been warned will be in rather rough, possibly still snowy condition this early in the season. If you are interested in kooking out we will be starting the trail on the very American date of the 4th of July. It’s a Slow Squad occasion, so don’t bring legs.

Represent your inner Kook with these Kooky patches.


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  • AdamBike99

    What an awesome idea! It may be the flouro, but I can feel the love burning through the screen, direct hit on my KookHeart!
    Come up to Seattle if you can… <3

    • Jorja Creighton

      KookHeart to KookHeart let’s do Seattle

  • Is it April 1st already!?!!? ☀☂☻☯

    • Jorja Creighton


  • Jen Klaudinyi

    woohooo. anyone know what sort of straps that guy is using to hold water on his rear triangle?

    • Jorja Creighton

      The Crust scapegoat or even the Evasion can have the Blackburn anything cages bolted in on the back and they come with the straps.

      • Jen Klaudinyi

        cool- thanks!

  • Michael Lopez

    I did the AZT last year and the section from flagstaff to the Grand Canyon was easily my favorite.

    • Jorja Creighton

      It was pure tail/tracl heaven we got the patches for the AZT, so we will have to do it someday.

  • Great post! Someday one of these post is going to make me quit everything and just go ride!

    • Jorja Creighton

      Just come riding with us already, we are ready for you

  • Next level kook, right there! 📈

  • Trevor Martin

    FUCK YEAH! I grew up fishing and swimming in Homosassa Springs! Aint that some Kook Shit?!

  • PNT

    Jorja this is AWESOME!

  • thx for the rrrrrrad ride stoke!

  • Oh hell yeah! Nice sun hats.

  • Andy-bmore

    These Kook posts have been my favorite touring-related posts since the DFL The Divide galleries. Y’all seem real rad.

    • DaymanDaryl

      +1 They look like a fun crowd to ride with!

  • Raymond Walker

    FYI, The BotaBox chardonnay is officially approved Kook-friendly. Not only is it smooth & plentiful, but it also has hilarious words on the box that Marcel can read to us.

    • and you can use the goon bag for a pillow!