I Wonder… Jun 15, 2017

… if this harness design from Cotton Carrier would work on the bike?

  • brennengee

    I’m buying it for my handgun. Too many mountain lions and republicans crawling around these parts.

    • cyclepath

      Look around you, it’s the libtard left wingnuts who are hurting people…

    • lol

  • Interesting; but seems a little low; I use the Peak Design Capture Pro with my Acre Hauser 14… it works really well when there’s a little weight in the Hauser (like a spare lens in a Crumpler insert). I basically carried a 5d across Kyrgyzstan and Cuba with it. Both really rough riding…

    • Yeah, those Peak Design clips don’t work for me on my pack straps. I need something more robust. I contacted Cotton and they said people use them for MTB riding. It’s interesting and looks a lot more stable than Peak’s clip on system.

      • I rode the Kokopelli with a guy who used something similar… he liked it. I’m curios to see how it works for you…