Salsa’s Land Run 100 Coverage May 9, 2017

“There’s something so special about pushing through a rough patch in a long ride and entering a Zen-like meditative state where you stop thinking about how many miles you have left, who is in front of you or behind you, what stresses you have going on at the office or at home, and just ride your damn bike. You realize what an incredible amount of crap we live with when it all falls away.” – Travis Dubose

Check out more coverage from the Land Run 100 at Salsa and don’t forget to flip through our gallery if you haven’t.

  • henrilefebvre

    I think I should skip Christmas and visit my parents during for race instead.

  • Ryan

    Never tire of LR100 stories.

    • Robert Franklin

      It’s one of those events. I think everyone who rode that day came away with one hell of a story.