I Can’t Wait to Go to Iceland! May 11, 2017

Has anyone ridden this IMBA epic trail?

  • Darren McElroy

    I’ve backpacked it. It’s insanely beautiful! Expect rain, snow, mud, and plenty of hike-a-bikes. Iceland is raw. And popular! I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many people on a trail as I did on the Laugavegur. But beauty-wise, it’s world-class.

    • Nicholas Rokitka

      I agree, super beautiful, and very popular. Certainly unique and worth the effort.

  • j.b. wheeler

    I’ll go with ya

  • Draw Imagine

    Really beautifull.

    What a start to notice in these epic clips is that they always seem to climb +/-3 % of the trip and from there on the rest is downhill.
    I guess these epic trails have some kind of special shifting gravity field, and thats why there so epic! :-)

  • Alastair Johnstone

    I bikepacked it in the summer of 2015. A fantastic route, with some brilliant riding in stunning landscapes. Definitely recommend the Laugavegur but also taking time to explore the surrounding areas – http://alastairphoto.com/icelandbike