Escape to Hurricane May 3, 2017

Jeff takes us on a look at Hurruhkin, Utah for a bit of freeriding in one of my favorite places to ride. I can smell the juniper now!

  • Derek

    Anything new from Jeff Kendall-Weed makes my whole week. Thanks for posting!

  • boomforeal

    jesus, what happened to manualing a road bike? this guy’s an animal

  • Beau Street

    Love me some JKW, makes it look way too easy. I wish you could just go out and purchase talent/skill instead of having to work hard it. Pretty sure he rides better on one wheel than I do on two. I do wonder though if I let him bite me if there will be some sort of transfer of ability??? Think Spiderman, but instead of using my powers for good, I’d use it to hit sick gap jumps on the way to Negra Modelo and Mahi tacos.

  • Definitely some stuff I wanna go back and ride!!!

  • Def would love to ride here…

  • hans

    dang, love that place!

  • Jonathan Gresley

    That was pretty damn sick!