The All In Multitool and MAGNETS! Apr 14, 2017

Ever go on a ride and forget your multitool only to find yourself needing to adjust your stem or bars? Sure, laying out this scenario might be a bit cheesy, but we’ve all done it and personally, I like to “set and forget” a lot of my gear. Which is why the All In Multitool piqued my interest when I first saw a prototype last year. Check out more below.

The premise is simple: a handy tool that fits in your MTB crank arm, assuming there’s a hollow axle, and has just about everything you’d need in the event of a trailside bike adjustment.

All the bits are held in place by powerful magnets, including the tool itself. There’s a powerful magnetic plate at the head of the tool, which locks into the MTB spindle lip. To keep the bits themselves from unexpected jettison, they have a magnet at their base. Each time you remove one and replace it, it snaps right into its sleeve. To use the tool, simply select your bit and drop it into the magnetic socket head. Since this head swivels, you can get into hard-to-reach spaces, with ample leverage. No more fiddling with those teeny tiny flip out multitools.

One bummer is the lack of an 8mm socket, which is what my pedals use as well as many MTB cranks. Included in the All In Multitool are 3mm to 6mm allens, a philips screwdriver and a torx T25 wrench. Best of all, it’s a set and forget tool kit that doesn’t crowd your riding wallet or hip pack. There are a lot of clever solutions for hiding tools in your bike’s dead spaces, but the All In Multitool is the first one I’ve found to match functionality with form and design.

The All In Multitool is $94, shipped for FREE worlwide by FedEx. I ordered mine on a Monday and it arrived Wednesday. They come in four color cap options and are made in Italy. See more at All In Multitool!

  • With so many gimmicky multitools out there I’m pretty impressed by how good this one looks.
    Does it ever rattle when riding?

    • Also interested in this. I’m having visions of loose bits turning my crank into a maraca.

    • It doesn’t rattle. :-)

  • MzUnGu

    Designing a multitools is like designing a mouse trap, everyone can design one….all because mice are just plain stupid.

  • Daniel Lemke

    How do you get it out of the spindle? Pull on it? And wouldn’t dirt and rain get in or is the seal pretty tight?

    • You just pull it off. There’s a strong magnet that keeps it in and I don’t think the “seal” matters. Since when does your BB spindle get dirty?

  • geoff.tewierik

    John, would you be able to replace an unused hex bit (say Torx 25 if your bike doesn’t use it) with an aftermarket 8mm hex bit?