Team Dream in Owens Valley

Team Dream’s new Spring collection is going live on their new website today at 12 PST. To coincided with this launch, I figured I’d share our photoshoot images here on the site!

Home to the Owens River, bounded by the Inyo Mountains on the east, the Coso Range on the southeast, Sierra Nevada on the west and Chalfant Valley on the north, Owens Valley is one of the most geologically diverse areas in California, in my opinion anyway. It’s a veritable playground for the outdoors with Mount Whitney, the highest point in the lower 48 States, attracting hikers from all over the world. If you’re not into climbing a 14,505′ mountain, the Owens river is great for fishing and there are numerous other activities found surrounding the towns of Lone Pine, Big Pine and Independence, California.

When Sean from Team Dream said he wanted to do something different for his spring and summer photos, I proposed we tackle some of the epic climbs in this area. The weather had just shifted, allowing for some majestic, snow-covered Sierra goodness as a backdrop, while offering warm temperatures on the roads in the valley. We rented an Air BnB in Independence, at the base of Onion Valley road and planned on spending days riding and photographing the scenery around Lone Pine.

Cari and I arrived early to scout the roads and to determine how high we’d be able to ride up Whitney Portal, Onion Valley and Horseshoe Meadows. As you might have heard, California received record snowfall this winter, rendering many of these epic climbs unpassable. We all gathered at our rental home and went over the agenda.

The days were long, shooting from sunrise to sunset, with plenty of time to explore the home of the Graboids while dreaming of more rides to come. Cari and I left on Sunday to ride in Death Valley, while the boys tackled Horseshoe Meadows. On Sunday night, we all passed out from exhaustion, ready to make the 4-hour drive back to LA the next morning.

Next time, I’ll be back with more riding in mind and less work.

  • hans

    dang, i love it out there. great photos man.

    • It’s so good!

      • Josh Siegel

        How far up the roads can you ride given the snow line? This is on the May to do list now!

        • Pretty far. I’d say there will be considerably less snow now.

  • Mike Kimbro

    I want to go to there.

    • somebody_aight

      its pretty place. I just passed through his weekend. However, his images make it way more impressive than reality.

      • You drove up Horseshoe Meadows, Onion Valley and Whitney Portal? Or you just drove along 395? All the good stuff is way off the main highway.

      • Jesse

        What in the actual fuck are you talking about? You don’t find the Eastern Sierra that impressive in person?

  • Sean Talkington

    Thank you John! You, Cari and Max KILLED IT!

  • Cidertowncycles


  • G

    Magnifique! More photos of that DA9100 equiped Ritchey?

  • redhead322

    Nice right hand drive LC80

  • Brad Serls

    Killed it John! Killed it. This shoot is up there with your best!

  • That’s some mosquito on Adam’s cap!

  • Dion Goldsworthy

    Fantastic images from an amazing corner of the world! For about 4 summers I lived in a small house just off of Whitney Portal Rd., in the Alabama Hills. The landscape, smell of the desert nights and the lighting is all part of what makes the East Side so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the killer photos!

  • REALLY strong composition in this set. Chapeau!

  • AngryBikeWrench

    Beautiful pics. One million likes for the Tremors reference.

  • charlesojones

    This region is among my favorites places on earth. Thanks for the awesome photo set.

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  • Steve Hansen

    Great to meet you and Cari in Lone Pine this past weekend! Please let me know if you guys would like to come and check out the TMTA/Lehigh trails. Awesome website bruddah!