Spring Sage Jersey Pre-Order Is Coming This Thursday Apr 4, 2017

We put a fresh spin on the California Sage jersey from last year, in a new tri-color, all-over pattern with a pop of yellow. To ensure everyone can get their hands on one, we’ll be opening up a pre-order for two weeks this Thursday. From there, it’ll be a 4-6 week lead time for your order to be shipped to you. These will come in a men’s and women’s cut, exactly like the last run, so order accordingly.

These were designed by Kyler Martz and are made by Endo Customs in Los Angles, California.

  • chicken_joy32

    Hello! Thank you for this awesome blog, I come here everyday! Is there a link to the pre-order site for this rad jersey?

    • Chris Valente


  • Don Ald

    woo Hoo

  • Reto Schneider

    Do you consider making an mtb jersey any time soon? That’d be cool.

    • Riemanello

      just size one up :-P

  • Harry

    Hey John, What is the fit of this jersey? The Team Dream came up smaller than the last of yours I ordered.. thanks!

    • Andy Moore

      Based on my (somewhat disappointed) anecdotal experience, it seems like Endo has gone from somewhere between a club and race fit (my favorite cut ever – as found on the thin stripe fade models) to all out race-cut, all the time, in the last year or so (as found on the Day-Glo FFF jersey). There’s a pretty detailed write up of fit details here: https://lifeisabeautifuldetail.com/blog/team-dream-dayglo

      I wear a medium in Rapha kit, and went large for the Day-Glo FFF, and was glad I did (and still wouldn’t have minded another inch or two of length in the front). It does fit like a glove when in the drops now, tho.

  • Andy Moore

    While I wasn’t as hot on the original as just about everybody, I absolutely love this pattern with the yellow added to the swatches! Talking about going from *not so much* to *HOT*!

    Did you get any shots that show the back well?

  • Sean Talkington

    Maaaaaax DuuuuuuUUUUUCK!

  • That pic with the spring bloom is too perfect.

  • Jean Baptiste

    olive bibs for the win! any release soon?

  • barbora

    Looks great!

  • Andy Parker

    Is the order still open, please? Thanks.

    • It’s at the top left of the news column.

  • Ramon Lagos

    Can I still order this beautiful jersey?