Max’s Rock Lobster S&S Coupler Road

I love Paul Sadoff’s creations. You know the ones. Rock Lobsters always grab my attention, especially special ones like this one. Max is special. In his own way and so when he decided he wanted another road bike, much less, another Rock Lobster, he contacted Paul to build him an S&S travel road bike that could fit a chubby tire. Since he’d be cramming this beaut into an S&S case, Max didn’t want to put anything super precious on the bike, so he went with a tried and true Sram Red 10-speed group that he had pulled off an old race bike of his, along with some alloy Zipp wheels. Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly the cheapest group for this bike, but what can I say? Roadies that race crits have all kinds of trick road gear just waiting to be bolted onto frames.

Max, thanks for being a good sport and for supporting a rad guy like Paul. I think it’s time you order another Rock Lobster… ;-)

  • hans

    hell yeah Max! Paul always does nice stuff

    • Sean Talkington

      Damn Hans!

      • hans

        Damn Sean!

  • Mike Kimbro

    Dang, that’s nice! Paul’s the literal best, but I’m partial…

    • Pascal K


  • Ham Sandwich

    god dammit john this is what happens when you limit one bottle per customer. do you see how foolish he looks? DO YOU SEE.

  • Sean Talkington


  • Davey Struthers

    if she fits 30s ,she gets dirty

  • Keith Lee

    Hmm… reminds me of my own!
    I bought it off a nice lady in Santa Cruz who had this made for her in the early 90s….Tange Prestige, painted-to-match stem, and a Campy Chorus 8-speed group.
    I’ve since gotten Paul to make a steel fork to match, and running a more modern groupset.

  • ap

    That looks just about perfect. And pro af. I dont know why but I like the couplers rotate 90 degrees so the points are on top and bottom.

    • Cesar Alvarez

      usually done the way for a reason.. maybe for stiffness type reasons..

  • Eric Hancock

    I’m loving that fork.

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  • Richard

    B-52s running through my head every single time…

  • JJ Walker

    Can someone tell me what seat roll that is??

    • Max Duck

      it’s a yanco!

  • Ian Connelly

    That fork is rad. And I love the big block decals. I’m partial to my brighter colors tho.

  • Matt Rumora

    What Bars are those? Thanks.

    • Max Duck

      Ritchey WCS anatomic

      • alex

        Max- if this is your bike, had you tried Ritchey’s Breakaway at all? I’m new at a job with tons of travel and I’m in dire need of a bike to ride when I’m out on the west coast every month, trying to weigh my options between SS and Breakaway.

        • Max Duck

          Yo, I’ve never had any first hand experience with the breakaway but I certainly considered it. The people I asked unanimously preferred s&s and I have a certain affinity for Paul’s bikes so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Obviously there’s a dollar tradeoff and the Ritcheys are pretty cool and easy!