Eddy Merckx Motorola Corsa Extra with Dura Ace 25th Anniversary

This is a special Merckx Mondays treat. Sean from Team Dream recently acquired an Eddy Merckx Corsa Extra in the Motorola livery, laced with a beautiful NOS Dura Ace 25th Anniversary group. I’ve personally never seen this group on a bike, in person before, so it was a real pleasure photographing it. Sure, there are a few blemishes on the kit, like the insertion marks on the seat post, which were like that before Sean acquired it, but overall, this bike is a real gem.

Sean also has the case for the 25th group, which came with the fabled wrist watch. Once he replaces this group with a modern Campagnolo Athena kit, he’ll be displaying the 25th in its case at the Cub House, along with the bike itself. If you’re in the South Pasadena area, make sure you roll through the Cub House and check it out in person because no photos do this bike justice in real life!

  • That ringtail bottle is a must-have… Are they up for sale yet?

    • Sean Talkington

      Thanks! Give us a few weeks and they should be for sale on The Ringtail Site…or if you REALLY cant wait, try calling The Cub House and maybe we can sneak you out a set early :)

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    This just looks so right. Silver components, hard ano rims. Both The All-City tributes look good, but kind of loose a bit with all black Rival…

  • SeaSpider

    Those chevron paint jobs from that era always looked soooo good! Panasonic, Kelme, Telekom, Motorola/7-Eleven – all of them fantastic looking.

  • Cidertowncycles

    I feel there is more to the story about the insertion marks on said seatpost.

    Stunning bike. 25th DA kits are pretty rare, have yet to see one in person as well.

    • Sean Talkington

      The seat post appeared to have been inserted without the seat tube ever being honed/greased so it was pretty rough in there. The seller made it aware to me beforehand and I don’t plan on riding with this group, so its all gravy :)

  • AngryBikeWrench

    I know, everybody is entitled to an opinion, but if you find anything wrong with this bike, any nits to pick, you’re just wrong.

    • Noel Smith

      Sorry but the insertion marks are a deal-breaker.

    • Andrew

      Shimano brifters with the cables coming out the side are the ugliest brifters ever made, even when they have “25” written on them.

      • Gene

        Please don’t ever use the word “brifters”…

        • Andrew

          okay dad

      • Cooper Mittelhauser

        I agree they’re ugly, BUT they are some of the nicest working/feeling integrated shifters ever made ATMO. I jump on every chance I get to acquire non-aero Ultegra or Dura-Ace shifters. I like to call them the “poopy sides” era.

  • Richard

    That is so iconic. I swear in the first photo the bike looks like it is levitating

    And: Is that straight block cassette old school, or what?

    • Draw Imagine

      It is levitating, John does his photo trickery and let the bikestand vanish in thin air. And not because he can but prolly to give the bike full attention. It does look like it’s “extra light” !

  • What to say about a Merckx, with the iconic blue white and red chevrons? It’s beautiful. Those DA stems are ridiculously rare. I have a recently acquired Raleigh professional frame with DA parts (not 25th anniv.) but of same era. 74-7800 is just iconic. I have similar headset and seatpost, both coincidently NJS marked. I believe the 25th is 7700 right? The rear derailleur looks the same. I really want to get my hands on some of the pulley wheels with the white lettering. Those are just rad as hell.

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  • Ornotbike

    Everything about this is perfect. My favorite part are the wolber tubular rims. This bike must ride like a dream.

  • Brian

    Definitely love the colours on this bike. For those interested in seeing another bike in full DA 2th Anniversary regalia, follow this link: https://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/2043275/?directtofirstphoto

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  • Alex

    Saw this on paceline. Did it come with the DA 25th watch?

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  • KED

    Using the older Dura Ace stem is a nice touch.

  • christophflammerouge


    that is perfect, leave it like this and buy another Merckx-Frame ( two is better than one) for the Campygnoli Gruppo

    <3 <3 <3

  • I would be pretty embarrassed if my bikes had no blemishes on them.

  • aeriolabehaviour

    Wow… the nostalgia. Reminds me of my own Motorola Merckx, which I had to let go some years ago… it’s now in New Zealand in good hands. Here’s a pic from the good days. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4977e7e384f138297f87f1f1a5864bc39e6ea0db7f6df8fe3070b5605c8764a8.jpg

  • floody

    Think I need a white Flite for my Colnago now!