The NAHBS 2017 Awards – Brad Quartuccio

The NAHBS 2017 Awards
Photos by Brad Quartuccio

Each year, a panel of judges pick out the creme of the crop from the many builders showcasing at NAHBS to hand out a series of prestigious awards. This year, I thought I’d pull our NAHBS documentation to a close with a superb gallery, compiled by Brad Quartuccio. Enjoy!


Fully complete bikes, paint and component choices factor into the judging (aesthetic impact and correctness of the discipline)

Best City Bike/ Utility Bike – Shamrock Cycles
Best Road bike – David Kirk
Best Mountain Bike – Sklar
Best Cyclocross Bike – Donhuo
Best Gravel Bike – Mosaic Cycles
Best Track Bike – LOW
Best Tandem Bike – Santana
Best Experimental Bike – Rock West Composites
Best Artisan Bike – Black Sheep


Construction categories: All bikes presented for the construction categories (lugged, fillet-brazed, TIG-welded and carbon layup) are presented as naked frames. To make the frames easier to inspect, they are presented with a fork, headset and stem. Painted bikes are deemed ineligible.

Best Fillet Frame – David Kirk
Best TIG Frame – Eriksen
Best Carbon Layup – Alchemy


Theme: These are complete bicycles with a description of the theme, concept or heritage the frame builder is portraying. These bicycles will be judged with an eye toward the overall execution of the theme.

Best New Builder – SaltAir
Best Columbus Build – Breadwinner
Campy Award – No. 22
Best Theme – Peacock Groove
Best Finish- Black Magic Paint
People’s Choice- Tallerico
President’s Choice- Enigma Bicycles
Best In Show- Peacock Groove

  • Matt Good

    These are all awesome and hats off to everyone building rad shit, but the homogenous look of the bike industry is garbage, and cycling as a whole I guess. Women? PoC? But white dudes with beards, that demographic is clearly displayed.

    • The framebuilding industry is open to all. Dunno what to say….?

    • Matt, you should go buy a Moth Attack. They’re awesome.

    • brian tester

      Hear hear. Economics surely play a part.

    • Daniel M

      you missed the clean shaven white dudes… but honestly the cycling “industry” participation as a whole, from weekenders, professional racers, and builders is mostly white male activity. There isn’t a huge online English presence of millions of Asian and African men and women who ride simple cheap bikes as a way of life… diversity is there, but some people have other things to worry about than NAHBS

    • Chris Valente

      I am all for diversity, but calling something “garbage” with no other context because it lacks diversity is just lazy. Not sure if you’ve noticed but $7k handmade custom bikes is kind of a niche market.

  • Matthew J

    All interesting and many beautiful choices here.

    Somewhat surprised to see only one belt drive among the picks. Belt drive appears to be to turning into one of those common in Europe, rare in NA bike things.

    • Makes sense, when far more everyday utility/commute cycling is done in Europe.

      • Matthew J

        But belt drive are a valid option for gravel and off road as well – which so many of these bikes are.

        • belt drive is most commonly sold as a better alternative to chains for everyday riding. i.e. Utility/commuting. Because they are virtually maintinence free and save money over time. You can’t use a belt drive with the latest sram 1×12, etc. It’s single/fixed or IGH only. Do a search for belt drives and you will see that most bikes with them are utility/ebikes/commuters. Since beyond some regional pockets in the US, this sort of riding isn’t typical, you see them more in Europe, where far more people ride for utility.

          • Matthew J

            Actually, belt drives with IGH and increasingly Pinion set ups are increasingly popular with adventure tourers. I’ll grant that one tends to see more Europeans and even Israelis touring in Patagonia, South Africa and the like than people from the US.

          • I own a belt drive bike myself. A ’77 Raleigh competition GS. Converted from Campagnolo equipped road bike a Sturmey Archer 3 speed roadster/city bike. SA dynamo hub up front and a 3 speed with a gates conversion in the rear. Only person in my city with one that I know of, and never even knew about belt drives till I lived in the UK. I’m not arguing that they can’t be used for anything else. I know they are being used for other riding, and they excel, and your example is a good one. But their application is limited, and IGH setups just don’t have the same popularity as derailleur setups for any kind of sport/tour cycling. So it’s just reality mate.

        • Mark Robinson

          Belt drive and British sloppy mud don’t mix well. It’s a decent option for gravel and commuting, but can’t see it catching on for Mtb.

          • Matthew J

            Not sure why belt drive to IGH would be any more problematic in mud than chain and derailleur. Cycle Monkey out of Richmond, Ca sells a lot of belt drive MTBs. Rodriguez [Custom} Cycles based in Seattle, WA (where I understand rain happens sometimes) is keen on the Gates option for its more rugged off road tourers.

            Finally – and to be clear, I like chains – the only reason I remarked on the lack of belt drives at NAHBS 2017 is I saw several at the Bristol Bespoke show.

          • Mark Robinson

            Bristol was a great show.

            We’ve messed about with a Pinion gearbox and belt drive. We found the width of the belt allowed mud to build up and create issues which didn’t present themselves with the traditional chain. Less room for the mud to build up and the open nature of a chain seems to help with shedding it. Bit like an open Mtb tyre compared to a closer nobbed one.

            Nothing against belts, and for touring and gravel they seem to be OP.

    • Belts are for pants.

      • Matthew J

        As chains are for dogs?

        • AdamBike99

          Chains are for Mr. T
          Loads of gold chains…

          • Matthew J


  • How much trail on that p-far, though?

  • alex

    The rotor on the tandem is insane!

  • Noel Smith

    not a big fan of aluminum but man that Low track bike is one mean looking ride.

  • Dave Ryther

    That was truly the best bicycle presented at the show?

    • Best is subjective for sure but I loved the Stinner Dead Shred mtb, the Oddity green machine and the Breadwinner \W Sport road

    • I wasn’t a fan of it when it was first showed here on the radavist, and I’m still not a fan. There’s not one single aspect of that bike that speaks to me other than maybe the polished Klampers. But you do have to admire the level of custom work and details. Subjective is subjective, for sure.

      • caliente

        i drives me nuts that the purple tones don’t match!

  • Harry

    Did Poppi present the “Best Artisan Bike” award?

  • Ceol Mor

    Perhaps I’m being too much of a curmudgeon, but I find most of the bikes from this year’s show rather meh. Aside from some really cool parts, the frames themselves did not speak to me as many of them did at last year’s Sacramento show. Although, it’s possible I have this feeling only because I was not able to attend the Salt Lake show in person.

    • AdamEldridge

      The bikes seemed (from POV coverage here on the Radavist) to be the best I’ve ever seen at a NAHBS.

      • Matthew J

        A lot to be proud of this year.

  • Charles Southgate

    the tandem timing belt off

  • Adam Sklar is the next great American Bike Wizard.

  • Brett Rothmeyer

    Yeah Brad!

  • Benjamin Peacock

    Tom Donhuo is the best.
    Really want to like Peacock Grooves work, bit rich for my palette though…….
    Love the Rudge chainring on the Best In Show trophy though!

    • CV

      Agree with you on Tom Donhou’s work [N.B he’s a ‘DonhOU’ rather than a ‘DonhUO’] – great to see that his trip across the Pond was justly rewarded…..a guy who puts out consistently excellent work…fortunate to own two of his frames and couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

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  • AngryBikeWrench

    First time I’ve seen a pic of Sklar. He makes really, really nice bikes for a 12 year old. Do his mom and dad know he’s been getting into the garage to play with the torch again? ;-)

    • Archi Mac

      Sucks getting old, eh?

    • Sklar building bikes > Snarky sarcastic commentary that falls short of being humorous


      • AngryBikeWrench

        Yeah, sorry that fell flat. What I was trying to say is he makes some amazing bikes for someone who looks so young, which in hindsight is lame as I’m sure he’s been hearing his whole life how young he looks. Adam – no offense. Keep up the good work.

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  • Genevieve Rosengren

    Are there any rad women building bikes out there?

    • Julie Ann Pedalino
      Megan Dean
      Danielle Schon
      Caren Hartley

      • Genevieve Rosengren

        Yessssss! Thank you!

        • Julie Ann should be at Philly Bike Expo this year… I think Megan and Danielle should be there also in some capacity.

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