Steel and Rubber’s Sunshine Coast Overnighter Gallery Mar 6, 2017

Words by Morgan Taylor. Photos by Geoff Campbell.

A couple weeks back I shared a set of rider portraits from a trip we took out of Vancouver and across Howe Sound to the Sunshine Coast. It was a simple winter overnighter, mostly on rural roads, with a great group of friends. Geoff and Pat, who are preparing to ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route this summer, keep track of their rides at Steel and Rubber with route data, travel stories, and great photos.

Check out a selection of Geoff’s photos below and head to Steel and Rubber for the gallery and story!

  • Great report, Geoff!

  • Harry

    photos have a lovely quality

  • Smithhammer

    Nice pics.

    But what’s up with the “hanging your cup off your saddlebag” trend?

    • It’s all about the dangle.

      • Smithhammer

        Clearly. ;-)

        • Seedub

          A fellow practitioner of curmudgeondom I see. Welcome, come in, sit down. But take off your shoes first.

      • for me, it’s always been more about keeping something that’s had coffee in it out of my bags with my shit i don’t want coffee all over.

        • Smithhammer

          I just rinse my mug out and pack it inside my bag, with things stuffed inside it, like food.

          Having a mug flapping around while I’m riding (esp. on rougher terrain) would drive me nuts. But to each his own, and long as you’re laughing and having a good time. It just seems to be a bit of a funny bike hipster trend lately…

          • i think you need to investigate before you congestigate, or whatever. mine doesn’t “flap around” by any stretch of the imagination.

            also, i think calling things “funny bike hipster” trends is becoming a “pigeon-holing self-oblivious fuddy duddy” trend.

            just ride your bike however you do it.

          • Smithhammer

            Indeed, Carl. Hang your sundry regalia however it makes you happy.

            – Fuddy Duddy

          • Dangle is the new Aerospoke?

          • Smithhammer

            More like the new skinny jean.

          • Alex Bourassa-Young
    • One part taking the piss, another part riling people up, a third part who gives a shit if your mug gets some dirt in it. Mug has handle, can get wet, bags have clips, it works. Living the #danglelyfe and laughing all the way to camp!

    • In the mountains a dangler can be easily accessed for quick sips from pristine, glacial streams ?

  • Pat Valade