Speedvagen’s Ready Made Program and the OG-1 Updates Mar 29, 2017

Speedvagen has some news for anyone looking to buy one of their Ready Made road framesets. The OG-1 now comes with mechanical or electronic shifting options, new colors and a lower pricepoint. See more details from Speedvagen below!

New Color:
Speedvagen paint schemes spring board off of past work and when see something we like, we can’t help but include it. Citron is one of our favorites from the most recent Surprise Me scheme.

Citron is damn near a fluorescent yellow (when did we start saying hi-viz anyway, people?), but with the edge taken off. Just a little bit creamy and real citrus-y. Delectable? Maybe! What are you going to get from Citron? A Speedvagen original that is simultaneously timeless and so hot that it might just burn up being so close to itself.

New Build Options:
For 2017, the OG1 will have options for Ultegra mechanical shifting, as well as Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting. Tasty upgrades include Enve carbon wheels with painted to match hubs! And every build will come standard with our favorite new saddle, the Fabric Scoop with titanium rail.

And while the complete bike is a killer deal, we’re now offering the OG1 as frameset (frame, fork and Ritchey seatpost head) for those who want a Speedvagen, but also like building their bikes up themselves.

Turn-around time is 1-2 weeks.

Starting at $4995 fully built! Snap!

  • Keith Gibson

    Looks nice, reasonable deal to boot

  • Keith Gibson

    Looks great!

  • FireUrEngine

    Love the light green color.

  • A Surly for the other half!

  • henrilefebvre

    My first real bike was lavender over chrome (late 80’s Bertoni). I will always want to get another lavender bike…geez that top one is sharp.

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  • Vamos

    Any advise on sizing?