Mavic Updates the Open Pro Mar 9, 2017

With an inner width of 19mm, Mavic has updated their Open Pro rims with a modern look, new finish, and an improved braking surface thanks to their Exalith technology. With claims of these new hoops being lighter and stronger than ever, Mavic is excited to bring back this classic rim. More details to come, but for now, thanks to Sean Talkington for the photos.

25 responses to “Mavic Updates the Open Pro”

  1. jtbadge says:

    Here’s hoping for a wider rim with a standard braking surface. Serious sticker shock on those Exalith brake pads!

    That Team Z Stinner with these wheels + Strada Biancas is a real stunner.

  2. Otis says:

    Lets hope these don’t crack at the eyelets because they look great.

    • linked1 says:

      Cracked eyelets on open pros? I’m still riding mine after 25 years, and I’ve used them on fully loaded touring trips over thousands of km’s.

  3. Jack Newcomb says:

    Really excited about these and it’s about damn time. If they can keep these around the $70-85 price point they’ll be an excellent alternative the the great R460 and the also great Belgium C2.

  4. Eli Bingham says:

    Will they keep the stickers from coming off after 8,000 km?

    • DominicBruysPorter says:

      take em off before you start riding them. problem solved.

      • Eli Bingham says:

        At least on the old open pro, there is no anodized/painted surface under the sticker, so you get an ugly, sticker-shaped bare aluminum patch.

  5. Yes, would definitely give these a go…

  6. Jim Porter says:

    When Magic was a family owned company I had the greatest respect for them, they made innovative derailleurs, rims, shifters, headsets, etc.. Their present corporate owners don’t even know what the Open Pro was let a lone what it is. The present corporate owned Mavic is but a shell of what it was, more interested selling tee shirts, sun glasses and Chinese helmets than true innovation.

  7. FireUrEngine says:


  8. DominicBruysPorter says:

    OMG! They’re doing it! I think i might get me a set. About fuckin time I say!

  9. singlespeedscott says:

    Hope they come in silver.

  10. Feels nearly like April’s fool to me or news about discovering alien life. I was quite certain the future will be 15mm wide and boxy profiled Open Pros, forever.

  11. Giuseppe Magnetico says:

    Meh, clinchers. Bring back the GL330!

  12. Justin Pyatt says:

    Exalith = howling banshee every time you apply the brakes… poor choice as there was/is nothing wrong with normal machined side wall.

    • cnm says:

      If you set up the Exalith system the right way, the braking is better than anything out there. There will be a non-exalith version with a normal braking surface and matte black finish.

  13. Chris says:

    It looks like they pre-cracked the eyelets. That’s proactive thinking on their part.

  14. shankshiv says:

    Still rolling MA40’s.

    • singlespeedscott says:

      So do I but I hate the rust that forms on the eyelets in side the rim bed after riding in the rain

  15. floody says:

    Super keen to get onto a set of these!

  16. Jeremy Smith says:

    Braking surface? Useless.

  17. Steve Gibson says:

    Will they come in silver???

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  19. Quinn.e says:

    Updating the Open Pro…blasphemy!!!!!