Friday in the Santa Monica Mountains Mar 4, 2017

I recently got Cari an All-City Mr. Pink. She really loves her Elephant Bikes NFE but wanted something zippier to ride around town and go on longer rides with not only me but her girlfriends who often organize ladies-only road rides. I knew if I left it to her to buy a new bike, she’d never do it, as someone who prefers to be frugal and spend her money on experiences, rather than possessions. Even though I see bicycles as vessels for said experiences.

Anyway, her Mr. Pink showed up to Golden Saddle, it got built up, I swapped out her saddle and gave her some special edition Yanco bags I had made from the California Sage pattern. We spun around town a few times before ramping up to a big, tough ride.

Yesterday we rode through the Hollywood Hills, up to Mulholland Drive and across the Santa Monica Mountains to Topanga, before dropping down to the coast for some food. After meeting a friend for lunch, we pedaled down to Santa Monica and took the Expo subway line back to Silver Lake. Our ride came in at 40 miles and 4,000′. It was the longest ride Cari’s ever been on, and surely offered some challenges for someone who’s used to riding a 27.5″ x 2.0″ tire on rocky dirt roads.

Now her biggest challenge is finding clothing that isn’t “overtly bike geeky.” One step at a time…

  • Awesome! That bike is such a stunner. Cari, you keep riding in whatever clothing you want. My husband refuses to wear “roadie clothes” and that’s OK. I’m just happy when he agrees to go on rides with me, baggy shorts and hiking tees and all. ;-)

    • Yeah! We both wear baggies and shirts on rides. I rarely wear lycra anymore, unless I’m going on a long road ride on my road bike.

  • AdamBike99

    That is good stuff John. Procuring and gifting an awesome Experience Vessel (EV)- with custom bags no less(!)- is such a clutch move. Mensch status for sure!
    I suppose a proper gallery is in the works? ;-)

    • It’s pretty stock right now so I don’t see the need for a gallery just yet. She’s so stoked on it and that’s enough for me. :-)

      • Nathan Wayne Yarbrough


      • AdamBike99

        Right on John. Maybe just some shots of the custom bags then, lol.

  • Alex Hillis

    As far as non bike geeky clothes, I wear the Giro new road overshorts and a wool T jersey. Gets the job done well, but I have no lycra shame (for better or worse ¯_(ツ)_/¯).

    • New Road shorts and the same merino t-shirt all summer long, except when wearing jorts and the same merino t-shirt. All summer long.

  • Smithhammer

    “Now her biggest challenge is finding clothing that isn’t “overtly bike geeky.”

    That’s the big challenge for many of us, Cari! I’ve settled on Club Ride for a lot of my bike clothing – functional bike features, nicely disguised as comfortable, ‘wear anywhere’ clothing.

    • Quinn.e

      Love Club Ride, Giro makes nice simple affordable pieces too.

      • Smithhammer

        Agreed. Giro is making some pretty nice low-key clothing these days as well.

  • Zac

    It sounds like Cari and my Erin are kindred spirits when it comes to life on the bike. Erin has had the same LHT since 2014, and in that time she’s stacked thousands upon thousands of miles on the thing. She rode the factory wheels until they were coming apart in shards and only then did she let me commission her some new ones from the boys at our LBS. I’m just gonna sneakily change/renew things on her bike in the future as her answer is never to spend money on ‘things’. But, I agree with you, John. Bikes open up doors to new experiences. This kind of story is really cool. Highlighting how different people engage with bicycles/cycling gets right to what’s so appealing about bikes i.e. what they allow us to do, where they allow us to go, what they allow us to experience, etc. Thanks!

  • Moody

    Patiently awaiting my 2017 Mr. Pink after taking one on a test ride. I didn’t want to get off it. Rolls so nice.

  • Xande Macedo

    This looks like an awesome ride! I’d love if you could point me to a Strava or GPX from this ride so I can do it when I’m in LA. :)