Double Vision in Montana and Utah – Locke Hassett

Double Vision in Montana and Utah
Photos and words by Locke Hassett

This gallery is the product of dirt, light, stupidity and celluloid. The following images are accidental double exposures. Most of the time, this hack in an analog cameras’ mechanics is used for artistic effect, like purposely exposing a silhouette onto a leaf, or a friend’s face onto a bottle of Chartreuse. These images are not intentional. After shooting a roll of Portra 400 on a bike tour-party that was hosted by myself and the Freecycles crew, I wound the film back. But not quite enough. When I went to load my (t)rusty Pentax K1000, whose meter was killed by the #DFL Divide trip, I grabbed the same roll of Portra, not knowing that I would be exposing a 4-day ride of Kokopelli’s trail onto images of slingshots and drinking bagged wine from a frame bag.

Most photographers (myself included) don’t normally enjoy surprises. When I got this roll back, I was initially quite upset, until I began to review the images. Whether it be Whitney FT emerging from a hailstorm wearing goat horns, Sir Thomas Danger Kitty McKean pounding up a hill next to my boss, or Jess navigating a boulder field as Cameron cruises shirtless, I began to see that these images reflected the absurdity of bike touring, as well as the inherent unpredictability of the trail. Embracing accidents often leads to some of the best memories, and this roll is photo-proof.


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  • Wow, this is wicked, wicked cool. I think you’re being a little modest in the description. I think these rock because there’s two great compositions in every shot. The interactions are random, but the source material is really cool and really well-done.

    • Locke Hassett


  • Jon B.

    These are great.

  • Whitney Ford-Terry

    Locke, you arted rrl hard this time bud.
    ps. sorry about the hail

    trail mom

  • Fred flintstone


  • These are great Locke!

    • Locke Hassett

      Thanks man!

  • KevinDurantSignatureSlushee

    I mean, just say you intended for it to turn out this way. Rad Photoset

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    #14 is sooo dope.

  • AdamBike99

    Hell yeah art! It’s like glimpsing a dream’s dream…
    This is incredible stuff, almost like being on the edge of consciousness.
    Oh, and I’ll take shot #2 in a simple frame, please! ;-)

    • Locke Hassett

      That could potentially be arranged… =]

  • Love it! What’s truly great about this set is the double exposures encourage you to slow down and look for details, to find the hidden surprises. Embedded within this happy accident is something that slows down the viewing experience in a really positive way.

    • Locke Hassett

      Dawww. It was super interesting to find little compositional patterns that I consistently choose. #14 for example. I apparently love leading lines.

    • Totally!

    • #3 had me trippin for too long!

    • #5 had me trippin for too long!

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  • I’ve done the very same thing on a few occasions myself. I have an early 60s Pentax SV, that’s travelled with me to every country I’ve been to, and I’ve had a few rolls come back from my local lab with the note ‘interesting double exposure set.’ Now I always rewind the leader all the way into the cassette. I know that annoys the lab guys because they have to use a leader extractor, but it is what it is. I tend to shoot journalist style and swap film quickly even in direct light, pulling cassettes from my pocket. Too easy to mistake cartridges but helps not to miss shots.

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  • Masterchief

    They look like they are taken through a window with the reflection showing.

  • Brett Rothmeyer

    K1000 for ever!

  • Lewy

    The one titled Legends converge is great.

    • Locke Hassett

      That would be my former boss and my best pal Tom. Thank you!

  • Great stuff! These are epic. I did a Europe trip in college and accidentally double exposed a roll of B/W film (oddly enough a K1000 as well)… they turned out to be my favorite photos of the trip.

    • Locke Hassett


  • I think this does more to capture the experience and spirit of a bikepacking trip than anything else I’ve see. Serendipity.

    • Locke Hassett

      Thank you!

  • “waaahhh my accidental double exposure album is better than all of your single exposure albums put together”

    fucking legendary. but the k1000 winding system can die in a fire.

    • As a very long time Pentax user, the k1000 is a terrible camera for just about everything. Buuuuut unless you’re referring to the ‘magic finger’ (yes that’s what it’s called) take up spool, all Pentax cameras from 1957 to around 1975 or so had the same winding system.

      • yeah, i’m talking about that thing that has destroyed countless rolls of film in my early 70s K1000 (that was my dad’s.)

        It’s all moot now, since strict vegans have to trade their film for sd cards when they come of age.

      • Locke Hassett

        I’ve since upgraded to a Contax G1. But, I must say, that little(?) Thrift shop camera shot a year’s worth of bike riding and other debauchery, and even after the meter died, kept producing decent images. I’ve since given it away, but I’ll always have a soft spot for k1000s. They are the BB5 of cameras. Maybe the coaster brake..

        • Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great camera in the most basic sense. Well built, extremely rugged, easy to use, fits in the hands well. Great viewfinder and meter. Can’t ask for much more In a camera actually. My own SV, doesn’t even have a meter. It’s just a matter of the k1000 being so often chosen because of reputation, but you can in fact get much better cameras for the same or less, quite often. It’s like the Nokia 3310. Yea it has a great rep, and it’s more or less deserved, but for those of us who owned one, it’s not quite as great as it’s always made out to be.

          My Pentax:

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  • PNT

    Love it! I’m so bored with this perfect digital photos all over internet! Hope you also print them Locke.

  • Chris Dosch

    More of this! Awesome photoset, and love “embrassing accidents” deal at the end. So glad this roll was shared!

  • Film accidents are the best mistakes