Diamondback’s Dreaming Again Mar 16, 2017

Following up on last year’s amazing Dream Ride video, Diamondback has created another incredible dream sequence. Just hit play. It’s good.

  • Everything is amazing except that weird rhyming narrator…

  • Corin Adams

    Yeah, I wish I’d watched this with the sound off, that narration ruined my day :( So, so, so much effort for this clip, so much travel, and work, and skrrrt skrrrt riding, and the Ol’ Dirt Berg Bro-Jesus Americano Herzog swoops in and smears #inspo poop all over the place. Way to shit the bed doods. Mute the vid and pick a track, any track. Maybe something like this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ploqMlpJG9I

    • Patrick Murphy

      I heard that if you start this track at the door creak, it totally lines up with the video.

      • Corin Adams

        I heard it unlocks a secret level :) ….⚧☆ ☽ ♅

  • Sretsok

    It sucks when someone makes something so rad so corny with narration/writing that tries way too hard.