2017 NAHBS: W.H. Bradford Designs Yeti Homage

W.H. Bradford brought one of the most fun bikes at this year’s NAHBS. This Yeti homage has every detail worked out, from the classic looptail, to the flat top tube and even the fork, there’s not much Brad left out.

Pairing the Yeti turquoise frame with purple anodized Paul Components was the cherry on top.

  • This is pretty damn cool!

  • Sarkis

    Although i love the effort , respect the craftsmanship, worship the Ultimate…there is something not quite right in the “stance” of the bike…inbetween the front and rear triangle the bike seems to be “breaking apart”..a discrepancy an old ultimate never had…

    I already feel guilty even daring to be critical of such a daring, difficult and nice build…sorry guys. I should shut up.

    • Nate-o

      Agreed. Looks weird to me too. The downtube line has to continue to the chainstay.

      • Sarkis


    • A lot of it has to do with the riding position of vintage bikes vs. modern ones. Think about how they used super long stems, with a positive rise along with riser bars, versus a shorter stem, bigger wheel diameter and longer ATC forks. My thoughts are Brad had maxed out the radii of the loop and had to compromise. That’s what homages are though, compromises. They’re never the same as the original.

    • I wonder if raising the stay/dt junction would put the cs curve just a little too close to the tire? looks like they might have squeaked by with a few more mm of clearance that way.
      A problem of being true to the original vs handling like a modern bike as john suggested.

    • Billy Arlew

      The more I look at it the more I love it for this reason – it gives it a nice symmetry. My eyes start to ignore the BB cluster/triangle and I see the shape of a BMX frame in there :)

  • Love this one! Are those pedals/cages custom?

    • Toe clips are just NOS jammers. Same with pedals. Both vintage.

  • Beau Street

    Erh meh Gawd…My 15 yr old self just called my 40 yr old self and said “Bro, go get your Etto helmet with the Troy Lee feathers all over it, dig out your Endless Summer t-shirt, find your checkerboard van slip ons, put Kyuss and fresh batteries in your disc man, slap on your clear frogskins with the purple iridium lenses, and let’s go get a slurpee and hit the dirt hill behind the gravel pit.” Best thing I’ve seen since the Hunter Bushmaster or the Retrotec Funduro, and those are real hard to top. If I get it to 88 mph, will I go back in time?

    • This comment wins the internet, today.

      • Beau Street

        Awwwwww…Thanks. I sent homeboy an email today praising how incredible this thing is. It’s a real good thing I don’t know where he lives, because I would go all John Cusack Say Anything on him and stand outside his window with a boom box over my head blaring Peter Gabriel. I saw Sklar won for best MTB (and no doubt a worthy and phenomenal offering. A Pegasus in its own right), but I was pulling for this guy (I don’t even know if he could have won). I hope he can make them on request, because what else will I do with all this purple Ringle stuff from ’92. If he says yes, my next email will be to Tioga to see if they can whip me up an old school B+ disc drive. If not, a lone tear will slide down my cheek for dreams of what could have been…

  • Tyler Morin

    Love this one, especially the purple and turquoise.

  • marty larson

    so much this. Probably my favorite one, with out even seeing the rest. Probably kinda pre-judgemental on that.

  • AlexH

    Thanks for the great pics. After seeing this bike previewed on another site I was really hoping to see it here. Prayer answered, keep on keepin’ on John.

  • Harry

    Looks like it would be fun to rip wheelies on!

  • Draw Imagine

    Now this is well done! I opnened the site and saw this in a flash. Thougt, nice old Yeti next to the new stuff! Looked a second time and damn, thats new and so well executed.

    Maybe as a retro junky my favorite yet.

  • floody

    I like the CBR vibe from the etching on the cranks and the ano crank cap. Suede turbo for dirt…yeah nah. Pretty rad!

  • Julius

    Wow. Simply impeccable, and very well captured. I am not very knowledgeable about vintage MTBs, but it seems obvious that immense effort and love for detail was put into every aspect of this build. Kudos to the maker for courage and the excellent execution.

  • This is one of the best bikes I’ve seen in a long time. This one has soul. Hats off to Brad for his fine work and attention to detail with this one. Loving the ano hook-ups.

    • Brad Hodges

      Thanks Kristofer ?

  • Mike Kimbro

    How the heck is the chain keeper mounted?

  • mp

    This bike is awesome. Mad respect.

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  • jh

    Purple ano with touches of blue, on a turquoise frame/fork with yellow logo.. the blue ano at the brake lever’s pivot, black housing, leaving the handlebars finish alone, the paint matched bottle cage. this one is perfection.