2017 NAHBS: The Ground Up Speed Shop Steel Aluminum Titanium Track

Eric Baar is a man of many talents. He can wield both welder and a paint brush to many forms of materials. At NAHBS this year, he brought his 2016 creation: the Steel Aluminum and Titanium track bike. You should be able to guess which part of the bike is which, but I’ll give you the information anyway. Eric made the rear triangle of this track from machined titanium, down to the track ends. This is then bolted to the aluminum front triangle, using cleverly located and designed hardware. From there, he left it up to a bladed steel track fork to complete the tryptic of materials.

The final touch was a series of one-touch paint experimentations, all of which Eric lays down by hand. Follow Ground Up’s work at their Facebook.

  • FireUrEngine

    Mad Max bike

  • Nope. But the removable stays ala classic English roadster’s is pretty cool.

  • dimidi

    Ugly as hell…

  • Absolutely dig this. FTW sprint or die, so cool.

  • Billy Arlew

    Dizzyingly cool. The extra chainstays and downtube ridgeback are my favorite details. Or jeez, is that a hand formed top tube or hydro or wtf? so nuts

  • Harry

    What is the process that results in the banding pattern on the titanium tubes?

    • Steven Herzfeld

      Harry, Eric puts the tubes in a lathe and uses sandpaper to give them their stripes.

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    That’s some hot and dirty stuff right there, love it.

  • Sarkis

    The split chainstay!…uuuuhhhhh…this is nice stuff! I dig this bike! It has punk-rock attitude.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    What a beast. You don’t have to like it, but you kinda have to appreciate it.

  • Jon Severson

    Nice to see Eric get this feature. I’ve known the guy for 10+ years and he’s really really talented. He looks at things differently. Plus his welds are out of this world in all realms: ti, steel, and aluminum.

    • I like it so much, it’s been featured twice! (Philly Bike Expo coverage)

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  • There is so much I don’t like about it but it has so much soul I think I’m my personal favorite from the show anyway. I’m glad there are people saying what they want to say in their own truly unique way.

  • vopop

    Best bike here for the long time!

  • henrilefebvre

    glitter bars are every bike from now on.