2017 NAHBS: Meriwether Hardtail with Bedrock Bikepacking Bags

Sacramento-based Meriwether Cycles gets its name from owner and builder Whit Johnson’s nickname, after Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark. This became the inspiration for these excursion-seeking rigs. A hardtail can be an ideal trail companion for touring, with the right bags. That’s why for NAHBS, Meriwether teamed up with Bedrock Bags out of Denver and Durango. They make a number of capable bags for whatever kind of trip you desire, including their dropper-compatible Black Dragon saddle pack.

These two brands created one solid option for those looking for a trail-ready, and still shreddy bikepacking rig.

  • FireUrEngine

    Love the look

  • Jace Cooke

    Actually, Whit’s building in the greater Sacramento area these days!

  • Brandon Dwight

    Whit is as pure a mountain biker if there ever was one.

  • Craig

    Glad to see one of Whit’s rigs getting some lens time. He makes a killer bike and is a great guy as well. Love my fatty from him.

  • andrew_spaulding

    First time I’ve heard of this brand but the bike is quite simply one of the most stunning bikes I’ve ever seen.

  • Fred flintstone

    i want one of those chainstay guards in marigold!

  • Nice work Andrew (you lucky dog)!

  • Aaron Klein

    Nice looking bike as always Whit! I love my Meriwether as well and you could not deal with a nicer guy! Good to see you getting a little face time you deserve it.

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  • Russ

    Love my Meriwether, I need to find an excuse to order another but my current bike is too darn perfect!

  • Jeff Taylor

    Yes; one of my favorite, if not favorite, bikes at NAHBS. Looks like you can ride it days on end without nary a worry. Form follows function…

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