2017 NAHBS: McGovern Cycles Tequila Sunrise Disc Road

McGovern Cycles makes carbon bikes by hand in Nevada County, California. I don’t know why, but I can’t help think that a tequila sunrise was the inspiration for this John Slawta-painted McGovern Cycles road bike. That or a desert sunset.

Either way, this red, white and orange bike just popped out during NAHBS and I couldn’t wait to photograph it against the blacked-out background.

  • Alex Hillis

    Nevada County is actually in California, but we’ll forgive you John. We know you’re exhausted. Keep the beautiful bikes comin!

    • Hah! I messed up. I woke up, wrote these and drove home to LA. I’m fried!

      • Chris Mcgovern

        Its all good in my hood! thanks for the killer pics and kind words

  • FireUrEngine

    Stunning colors, stunning bike!

  • Eric Hancock

    This looks beautiful. I want one.

  • Nicholas Petersen

    I like this more than I care to admit.

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  • Adam

    Where did you take these photos, meaning the background? They all look great!