2017 NAHBS: W/// Sport Breadwinner Lolo Disc Road

Inspired by the BMW M Sport livery, this Breadwinner Lolo disc road bike has speed in its bloodline. As part of Breadwinner‘s limited edition runs, this bike will be offered with varying build kits and will go live next month. With these bikes, Breadwinner offers a limited edition paint job, with plenty of class and flash, all ready to roll for a quick turnaround.

White bikes really pop when shot like this and I gotta say, this one was my favorite of the day…

  • Tyler Morin

    Love the paint job on this!

  • FireUrEngine

    The paint is rad

  • Richard

    Who knew white bars could look so great! Those Ritcheys are super – look like a hammerhead shark: predatory. Sweet lines all the way around on this one.

  • Ethan

    Beautiful bike, but I think frame builders need to put the cable adjusters on the head tube to avoid cable rub.

    • Tony Pereira

      Cable adjusters on the head tube make for abrupt routing to the bars. Bikes shift better with the cables routed to the DT. If you criss cross the cables like we do, they don’t rub much.

  • Alex

    Where can I buy those beautiful dropouts?

    • Jonathan Gresley

      They make their own. I have a Bad Otis, and the dropouts are very clean.

  • Tyler Robertson

    yes, please!

  • Keith Gibson

    GREAT looking!

  • Conrad van Dalen

    Whats the productname of the handlebars????, love them

    • Tony Pereira

      Ritchey Solostreem