2017 NAHBS: LOW Down and Dirty Disc Road

Continuing our discussion, or at least my rant about proper nomenclature with drop bar bikes today, Andrew Low brought this prototype disc road bike to the 2017 NAHBS. Designed to ride on sealed or dirt road and everything in between, this bike features a tapered steerer, disc brakes, clearance for a 40mm tire clearance and 7005 FLEXshape alloy tubing.

Like all of LOW’s bikes, these are made by hand in San Francisco and feature smooth welds that are hand finished. I dunno about you, but I’d ride the hell out of that thing!

  • FireUrEngine

    Love the color scheme. Go orange!

  • Great color, great build up, awesome utility, wonderful craftsmanship! That said, with all these big tire road bikes, I’m missing coverage of race bike, tight clearance, 25c max shit.

    • andrew low

      We got one of those at the show too!

  • Keith Gibson

    looks great!

  • mr. apodaca APODACA


  • andrew low

    thanks for the coverage, John! <3

  • jc

    which ritchey seatpost is that?

  • hurricane_josh

    how do the brake hose and e-tube cable transition from the top tube into the seatstays? isn’t the seatpost in the way?

    • hurricane_josh

      ok, it looks like the e-tube cable may be routed from the TT through the HT, DT and into the chainstay. still can’t figure out the rear brake though.

      • Patrick Murphy

        If I’m not mistaken, it’s routed from TT to SS, as the line exits the bottom of the SS. If you look at pic #17, you can see the TT is shaped wide and flat at the ST junction, and meet the stays pretty far outboard (kinda like a CAAD10/12) – there may be JUST enough space outside of the ST to pass the brake line through.

        • hurricane_josh

          i think you’re right. tight but ‘toit!’