2017 NAHBS: Curtis Inglis’ 29+ Retrotec Funduro Hardtail

Each year when NAHBS rolls around, many builders use the opportunity to build themselves a new bike. This year was Curtis Inglis‘ time for a new hardtail. Over the years, Curtis has experimented with the Funduro model, altering the bottom bracket drop and angles ever-so-slightly to dial in what he feels like is the ultimate hardtail geometry. As a pretty tall dude, he decided to give the 29+ platform a spin, resulting in a bike with a large stance and aggressive geometry.

Over the past few days, Curtis has been riding this show bike and not exactly babying it. He’s got one of those new White Industries headsets on the bike, along with White hubs, cranks and a Paul stem, PIKE fork, XTR rear mech, with a Thomson dropper.

15 responses to “2017 NAHBS: Curtis Inglis’ 29+ Retrotec Funduro Hardtail”

  1. This bike does that rad scaling up thing, where you can’t really tell it’s a huge 29+ frame. Initially I wondered if the fork was not a Pike, but maybe a Revelation, because everything else is so huge. My Funduro lust has not decreased in the slightest.

    • Max Dilthey says:

      Yup. It looks like a regular 27.5 until you see how short the crank arms and seat are compared to the rest of it!

      • Chris Valente says:

        Seriously. Such a beautiful bike and yet, the BB looks like it’s about a foot off the ground!

    • Tom Urquhart says:

      Yeah, I’m a tall dude with a history of very ugly bikes. He made me a funduro bike that looks great and scales perfectly.

  2. Cool trick with the stuff sack and toe strap on the DT bottle cage. Also, VERY COOL BIKE. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ ?

  3. AdamBike99 says:

    I love how some humans can make incredible engineering and craftsmanship look like it’s “no big deal.” Curtis’ work continues to blow my mind, and it only adds to his aura that he truly shreds on his own creations. Can’t wait to see this one- and Curtis- at the show!

  4. 9stevey says:

    such a beautiful bike. I think Curtis has my army green and orange Retrotec with him on that trip. Really hoping you might shoot some pictures of it too!!

  5. caliente says:

    These bikes are SOOOO pretty. As a short-legged person, I wouldn’t feel a ton of confidence unless I ordered a 26″.This one otoh… http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2685/4128498518_b4d5e3eec8_c.jpg

  6. Harry says:

    Seems to be the year of the W.I. headsets!

  7. bikecow says:

    I love the way that bottom 10mm spacer flares to meet the headset so perfectly in #9

  8. Tyler Morin says:

    What a rad looking bike!!! Love the blue xtr pedals.

  9. James Erik says:

    The may well be the first MTB I’ve ever seen that truly speaks to me. What a beautiful bike. Just perfect.

  10. Matt O'Donnell says:

    It’s 4am and I’m about to hop in the car to drive from Oakland to SLC and these pictures are getting me amped!